I hear it a lot….

You are like Jack Sh*t

That post was like that 344 pounds guy I read about on CNN.

You and Tom Venuto are two of a kind

You are more like Jillian Michaels than you think.

Whenever I hear anything like that, I switch up what I am doing.

It is not an insult to the other people.
I have a lot of respect for all of them.
For their journeys and how hard they work.
For how they write and how they inspire.

I just do not want to be like anyone.

Not anymore.

I have been a follower my whole life. Although I had an opinion, I was afraid to say it. Although I was creative, I wanted to be liked. I just shook my head and agreed. I wanted to be as funny as Chris Farley, and talented as John Candy.

I followed diets. Everything I read from an expert I wanted to do. I wanted to be like other people. I never wanted to be me.

People love to quote inspirational people.

Here is the one I agree with….

“There are two types of people in the world. Ones that entertain and the ones that observe.”

Britney Spears ‘Circus”

All of us have a voice, but we are afraid to use it.

Afraid of the repercussions.

Maybe I am not that funny?
Maybe I am not that smart?
Why did I say that? I am so stupid!

Once a few people started to send me emails about my blog, I knew I had something good here.It gave me confidence to be myself. To really showcase myself.

I built on it.
I changed it up all the time.

Do you even remember the Missouri 60 I did?
I don’t.

Then this year, I changed it up with the Facebook Fan Page.

When I started with it, I would write random thoughts.

Then I asked this one simple question that changed it…

“Quick….what was the last fruit you ate?”

Out of nowhere I got 50 responses. Not only that, but 15 of them were fruits I never heard of. I bought 5 of them that day. It was fun. So I decided to ask a question every day. Some silly, some not.

But the answers are helpful for people, or so I have been told.

My silliness and humor comes out on Twitter.

I have 140 characters of writing what is on my mind. Sometimes they are dumb, but they make me laugh. You can see a different side of me.

The one thing I have been doing lately is sending tweets to different weight loss celebrities. In my own unique way…..

To Richard Simmons- OMG! I just saw you on Sally Jesse! Of course, it was on a VHS from 1987!

To Susan Powter– That you for making me eat a sh*t ton of potatoes in the 90s!

To Valerie Bertinelli– Schneider said it best “One day at a time” This is it “One Day at a Time”.

To Kim Kardashian– I just took your diet pills. Now I have my own reality show and I have a crush on Reggie Bush!

To Kirstie Alley- Weight loss or not, you were FANTASTIC in the movie “Loverboy“! Extra anchovies!

It is my silliness.

It is what makes me me.

I can be as inspirational as the rest, but I have a fun side. One I was always embarrassed to show.

I also tweeted Jillian Michaels. I sent here this….

Inspired by Lebron, I heard @jillianmichaels was teaming up with Richard Simmons and Oprah in Miami for a dream weight loss team.

She, out of everyone, sent back this….

@theantijared totally untrue. Weird rumor.

Does she really think I might know this?

I mean, I am a restaurant manager. Does she think that maybe I got off of work after having a conversation about the evolution of fries, and then I called Oprah.
After talking to Oprah I called Richard Simmons, my peeps?

Jillian, in my opinion, is like Lebron. She really has not given us her full potential. She is not loved by all, but respected. She has the desire to be the face of weight loss. Yet, something is missing. Maybe it is how she burned her picture when she was overweight? Maybe it is how she yells at people? But maybe that is why so many people love her. She is strong, which is what everyone wants to be. Maybe looking up to her is not a bad thing.

If she keeps it up, she will be the most famous weight loss “guru”.More popular that Richard Simmons. Yes, even more popular than Oprah.

I believe that.

But even I know not to believe everything I read on the Internet!

My son and I saw that while watching the Disney Channel.

If we did, we would all lose 20 pounds in 20 days by following one simple rule.

With everything I am doing, I am getting more popular. I am getting emails from PR firms. I am getting different kinds of offers, not ones that have a Bundi at the end of them.

But I am having fun. I am being me.

Two things I never thought would happen in my life.

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