Here I am. My first week. I went on the scale… said 224 pounds.

For a bit, the “200 pound lost” title is gone.

Sean and Tony can be the famous 200 pound losers for a while. My friends will be okay without me.

The last sixteen months of my life has changed me.
Before, I never thought I was good at anything.
Today, I feel like I am good at so many things.
Inspiring, weight loss, working out, social media, father, husband.

I am great at so many things. More than I gave myself credit for.

When I lost 221 pounds, I was scared. I have always been motivated by fear. “What if’s” ran my life.

What if I went back to my old ways like I always have?
What if I was not good at blogging, people only read me because I was losing weight?
What if my wife did not like the new Tony?

The last sixteen months I found myself. I am not motivated by fear. Not anymore. There are way too many “What if’s” in life.
I do not mind failing. I have done it before. I will always try. I will always take a chance.

I took a chance by gaining muscle. I could have lost more weight. I could have lost 250 pounds and weighed 170 pounds. I did not want to.

I never wanted to be “skinny”. I wanted to be “healthy”. I have no idea if both exist.

There are marathon runners that get ill. There are obese men who live a long time. Maybe I do not want to be either. Maybe, just maybe, I want to be happy.

That is all I ever wanted. To feel comfortable in my own loose skin. To look in the mirror and be amazed. To read a post and say “Did I really write that?”

That is exactly where I am today. Happy. A happy father. A happy man.

Am I healthy? Am I skinny? Some would agree. Some would not. But I am happy.

This might be the most conceded thing I say, but if I came here today at 400 pounds, I would still inspire you. My words are powerful. From the heart. I say what people should say. I will not bow down to boot camps. I will not count points any longer. I will not look for a great diet. I will do what I have done for the last two years. Work out, eat as raw as possible, and measure my food to keep me in check.

224 pounds.

And I look like a beast. Nothing like the guy kneeling down in the restaurant. Nothing like the guy in the tuxedo. 224 pounds of a guy who missed 25 days in the last 16 months at the gym. 224 pounds of a guy who, in two years, can say the worst thing he had to eat was dried cherries (Which is all sugar, but quite tasty!)

If I did not change the way I ate, I would be over 400 pounds right now. Portion control only worked for so long for me. I envy those who can do it forever. Forever. What a great word.

If I did not work out, I would not be as confident as I am today.
I would be 150 pounds and would say “Wow, I still need to lose a couple of pounds”.

But for the first time in my life I made good decisions. Life long decisions.

I have gained 26 pounds in 16 months. I am guessing 13 of those pounds are muscle.I can bench 225 pounds 10 times and squat 315 pounds 6 times. I am stronger.
I am now going to lose the other 13 pounds very, very slowly. There is no time line. There is no rush. I am not going to lose 8 pounds every week anymore. I am going to trim my portions, and that is it. Nothing fancy. No 1000 calorie diets for me. Never again.
But I want you to be there with me.
I am going to post my weight and a picture every week. Why?
When you gain a pound, maybe 5 pounds.
When you feel like there is no tomorrow.
When you are sick of this whole journey, remember one thing. I gained 26 pounds.

This is possible. There is a finish line. Crossing it is not important. Seeing it is.

But more than that, I want to help. I want to give the information that I have learned. I am good at this. This is my “thing”.

I see these young whipper snappers who come on the blogging world. Quote Thomas Jefferson and tell you everything is great. They just lost 50 pounds and then they rule the world.

I have earned my place here. To be with the Sean’s, Jack Sh*t’s, Jen’s, Roni’s, and yes, even the Pastaqueens.

I will help.
I will do this well.

The other day I met someone who told me, and I quote “Hi, my name is ________ and I piss excellence!”

I did not say anything else. What could I say? I piss urine.

But I am a winner. Winner’s do one thing well, they win.

Welcome to my weight loss blog.

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