I knew from the first day that I was going to lose weight. I have done it so many times before.

I know how to lose weight.

Weight Watchers made it easier for me. Points were fun to track. The meeting I went to hit me in a good way.
Every week I would weigh myself and lose weight. It was motivating. I always knew it could be done. Losing weight never worried me…….

After losing over 130 pounds, I was loving life.
I was able to do all of the things that a 400 pound guy could not do.
I worked out six days a week. I changed the way I ate. I trimmed down on processed foods.

I was weighing myself every week, losing weight, and doing great……In January of 2009, my journey changed. I have talked about it a few times, but not very often.
I knew I did not want to be fat anymore, but did not want to be skinny.

Sounds weird, huh?

After losing 200 pounds I knew I would never hit the goal of being “skinny”.
Most people do not.
I knew that I was not like most weight loss success stories.

I felt light at 220. I listened to other people who told me my BMI was too high.
I wanted to get to Onederland. Being under 200 pounds was where I needed to be. So many people told me that at 5 foot 6, I was still overweight.

So where would it end?
1200 calories a day?
Trying to get to 165 pounds?
Yelling and screaming when I hit a scale “plateau”?

I got to 198. It did not feel right, yet many people told me I should gt to 195. 190……
I wanted to truly gain muscle.

For over sixteen months I have been building muscle. I have been successful at it.
It has been the hardest yet most enjoyable part of my journey.
It has given me the confidence that I can do this for the rest of my life. I enjoy the gym. I never regret working out a certain body part.
I also had to back away from the weight loss community a little.
See, there are a ton of weight loss books and bloggers. There are people who are in shape, tone, or have killer abs.

But that is not what I wanted. I wanted to be big. To lift a lot of weight.

To truly gain muscle, you can not use a scale. People can argue with me all day long, but I lived it. I could not gain weight and lose muscle. That is the myth you see on the side of a pill bottle that ends with “cut” or “zine”

You have to eat. I cut out processed foods, but I still ate a good amount. I had to fuel my body.
People tell me to gain muscle
you need to have cardio days and lift days.
I stopped listening to people. I listened to what worked for me.
I do cardio every time I go to the gym. Here were my legs at 200 pounds.And here are my legs today. Where last year I could squat 135 pounds 8 times, today I can squat 315 pound 8 times.
So tomorrow, I am going to start to share about gaining muscle. About true weight loss happiness. I am going to talk about how advice is great, but trial and error works as well.
About what I eat, how I work out, etc.
I am going to start to write more about me.

So when you are done with your burgers and grilled chicken, come on over.

I think you will like what you read.

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