“It is amazing that you lost 200 pounds!”

“Well, it is amazing that YOU lost 200 pounds!”

I can say without any hesitation that Sean Anderson is the nicest male weight loss blogger out there.
He is everything I am not.

He watches his words, he crafts long posts, he talk about his day to day life, and he has transformed his life.

I do not watch my words, my posts are short, but double spaced, I talk about the past, and I …okay, I did transform my life as well.

He interviewed me last year. He is in radio, so I heard some of his work.
I was beyond impressed.

I see so many 30 minute podcasts with “Ummmmm” or inside jokes.

I think that people who have a talent for writing also think they have a talent for speaking.

There is a big difference.

Sean has a talent for radio. He produces great clips, he has a great voice, and it is a shame he does not podcast regularly. He would be amazing at it!

After our interview, we spoke for an hour. It was one of the best conversations I have had with a blogger.

In fact, it was the only conversation I have had with a blogger.

I email with a lot of people, but rarely talk to someone. I do not know why that is. I love to talk. Not about myself, but I love to find out about people.

I think he was shocked with how much I truly knew about blogging. How I could tell what kind of person someone was by the comments they leave, who was going to make it big and who would leave the weight loss blogging world.

I love reading comments. I think there is something weird when someone refers to people who read their blog as “Their readers”. I notice little things like that. I love when someone disagrees with a post on a comment and then leave a link to their blog. I love when people tell their life story in a comment. I love when bloggers respond to every comment on their blog so their number of comments doubles. I was going on and on about it.

Most people think I am going to say things like “So I was at the gym with my hoodie and then I snacked on cauliflower and apples and then I did 1000 push-ups and then I…..” but there is much more to me than that. I am good at what I do here. I read people well. I know what motivates different people and I know what irritates others.

I love doing this. I learn more and more about myself every day. Sean lost an incredible 250+ pounds. His pictures are amazing! He has been consistent. He knows what he can eat and how much. he drinks water. he works out. His blog is great. It reminds me of the show “The Wonder Years”. He did something that very few people have done.

I am the different 200 pound loser. I lost weight with WW, South Beach, my own way, free weights, gaining muscle, etc. My blog is anything but consistent. How many times have I turned on and off my comments? How many times have I said I was going to do a review and then change my mind? How many times did I say I was going to write a weekly post, and then it went away?

But I learned that we are the same. We both have passion and desire. He respected me as much as I respected him. He was as happy to talk to me as I was with him.

The other day I got an email from a family member. She wanted me to check out this guy she saw on AOL. He lost over 200 pounds without a salad! I went to AOL and saw my friend Sean there. I smiled. I am always happy when a weight loss blogger makes it big!

I know how great it is to have those 8 hours on the cover of AOL. You get hundreds of emails. You get tons of followers. It happened to me last year.

And I know how the media can skew a story. My most famed piece is with me about Susan Boyle.

Although we lost weight much differently, I have so much love for my friend Sean. His weight loss is so much more than “without a salad”!

He lost weight with determination. And it shows with the 670 days of hard work he has put in.

I am proud to have him as a friend. The way he refers to me in every comment he leaves.

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