Every year people struggle to eat well during the holidays.

I mean, it is okay.

We understand :):):)

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be hard. All that good food from family members. Yum!

New Year’s Eve is tough as well. Champagne with your loved one. Kissing your honey at midnight after eating a few yummy snacks.

Easter is hard also. Ham….a nice Sunday feast.

Um….oh yeah, the 4th of July. Hot Dogs, burgers. Beer! Oh, loving beer!

Memorial Day? Yeah…that is right. We cook out then as well.

LABOR DAY!!!! I have to get my pie eating on that day. That day was meant to relax. No gym for me!

Halloween. How could I forget. Candy! Fun size! I mean, nothing wrong with a lil‘ fun size candy.

Isn’t there a Boxing Day? I think it is after Christmas, so I should pig out then also.

January 8th! Elvis’s birthday. Gimme some fried naner sammiches!

George Washington’s birthday. He cut down a cherry tree, so cherry pies!

How about the Jewish holiday Purim? There are some delicious cookies on that day. I have to munch!

What about MY birthday? I can do what I want!

Super Bowl! How can I forget about that.

Wimbledon! Tennis is all about eating cake and not working out.

My uncle’s sister’s dog has a birthday. I can eat a Snickers!

I guess it is funny to me now.

I used to think that a holiday was an excuse to eat what I wanted. To skip the gym. To relax.

I treat every day the same so I can enjoy holidays. Be with family, friends.

My treat is hugging my wife. Holding my son. Not going back to habits that almost killed me.

There are a lot of holidays every year. Pick a couple to eat what you want. Realize that is not what they are about.

Plan ahead. This is not part time.

Well, one holiday I did forget about is Yom Kippur. Now there is a dieter’s holiday!

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