Week 3 Weigh- 225

I weighed myself a day early. I did not want to go a week without giving you a number.

I am going to be out and about this week for work. I am not going to be on here that much. Everything I do this week will be through my phone. I can blog, video, Facebook and Tweet from my phone, so I do not think you will go long without me.

I got interviewed this week. It was a cool interview, it was about how social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will change blogging. How VLOGs are easier to do now, and how instead of writing thoughts for hours, you can think of something and hit hundreds of people. Facebook and Twitter make it easy. Videos make you seem real.

During the interview, I was asked why I blog. Although it is an easy question, I really could not think of an answer.

I enjoy telling my story. It keeps me accountable. I have said many times this is a lifelong journey, not a twelve week stretch. I like to see how far I have come, where I want to go, etc. I enjoy writing a few times a week. I started doing this because my brother has a blog. I have always looked up to him, and thought it would be fun.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my blog would be as popular as it is. I work hard at promoting it, but still, it is weird to see how many people read me. Sometimes I check where people who read my blog are from. California, Texas, New York, New Zealand. Everywhere!

I remember when I got my first comment. I did not know how the blogger found me. In fact, I still wonder how people find me. Through WW? Through Google search?

I can not pinpoint an exact reason why I do this. People enjoy it. I have so many grammatical errors, yet so few people correct me. They enjoy the content. They see the passion. I do not write to please all. I do it from the heart. I say things that people think.

But I do blog. I do write. I am random and you never know what is going to come out of my mouth.

I do not mind screwing up. I do not mind saying something stupid. I mind not saying anything at all.

So why do I blog? Same reason as you…..

Because I can!


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