I am real excited about my post tomorrow. A weigh in, a picture, and writing more and more about the weeks to come.
I am excited about doing one minute video blogs and really using my social media skills to help.

Before I do all of that, I have a question. It is a dumb question, but still a question. Please , help me out on my Facebook page and just let me know if I am crazy.
After a lot of workouts, I would have a Gatorade Low-Cal G2. 45 calories and 12 grams of carbs.

Someone told me that I should try a Sobe Lifewater because there are zero calories and they taste real good, and it is also sweetened with PureVia.

So I bought one and loved it. It really does taste good. Yet, although it says it is zero calories, each serving has 6 grams of carbs. So each bottle has 15 grams of carbs, which in reality is 60 calories. In fact, some of the flavors of Lifewater have 8 grams of carbs in them.

My question is how are companies able to post false information on labels?

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