I have a lot to write about. But today starts the YumJared Challenge!

From now until June 30th, pick a day to go sugar and sweetener less. You will not be perfect since it is in so many foods, but it will make you realize how many foods have sugar and artificial sweeteners.

I have gotten a lot of emails asking me if it was okay to have some sweet leaf found in a deserted island that is not Splenda. Well, I do not make up the rules. It is a challenge for a real good cause. Try your best to limit the amount of diet beverages and cakes you eat.

So here is a little about me. You know that I was over 400 pounds…..

What you might not know is that I have not had a sugary soda pop since 1989. I have only had diet drinks.

A little over two years ago, I decided to cut out the Crystal Lights and Diet Coke.

But I did use a pack of Splenda to sweeten items, like cottage cheese, yogurt and coffee.

A month ago, I decided to give up all artificial sweeteners.

I drink my coffee black and a lot of water.

I eat my Fage and Cottage Cheese without sweeteners.

This is a huge step from someone who has had sweeteners in his life for so many years.

So pick a day and limit yourself. Donate to a GREAT cause as well.

For yourself…and the kids.

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