Dear (A lot of people who wrote me),

Thank you for writing to me. Your story is very similar to mine.

We are different though.

I do not want to offend you, but I will not write you a diet plan.
I will not detail a workout for you.
I will not call you everyday to make sure you are on plan.
I will not beg nor convince you to lose weight.

You need to want it. More than anyone else.

When I started my journey, I only told my wife. I never asked for help, just not to bring in sweets for two months.

In fact, I started this blog when I lost 60 pounds and started to post regularly after losing 150 pounds.

I told my parents about my weight loss when I was under 300 pounds. My brother did not know until he came and visited.

It was personal.

I talk about it now because my stories help. People see a part of my childhood that they see in theirs. They see the failures and successes. I am a private person, but this is a story that needs to be public.

I appreciate you asking me for advice. I would love to answer a question for you.

I did join WW, I do work out. I answer most of these on my blog.

Funny thing, today I started to read my old posts. It made me sad. Not because of what I wrote but because of the comments. Most of those bloggers do not blog anymore. Maybe they were sick of it, maybe they gave up.

I hope you find the inner strength to lose weight. If you are like me you know that it takes a lot of courage. Being that 400 pound guy at the gym. Ordering a salad at 350 pounds when people are looking at you to fail. Oh I know, losing weight is hard.

But I also know that you are the only person that can “make” you lose weight. I will be honest, I never read a blog post nor a inspirational quote that made me push cake away. No, it was the determination of wanting it. Nothing tastes better than normal.

I hope I did not offend you. I do appreciate your support on my blog, social networks, etc. This is where I am a little different than the other bloggers. I see other “inspirations” who want to help. They have no idea. Maybe I do not either.

But I do put my pictures on my blog for a reason. This will be the most vain comment I make, but they are incredible. I did them by sticking to my guns, having the confidence in my WW and South Beach plans. I did not create a diet, I followed it.

Please send me an email telling me how well you have done. How you did not need me. How you did not need anyone but yourself.

Sorry I could not give you a hand.

You have two of them.



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