In the last two years I have not played a lot of video games. In fact, the only one I have played is the Wii Fit when I first got it. I have not played it for some time now. I decided to play the Xbox 360 for the first time in a couple of years, and when I turned it on I saw a red ring and it did not work. Oh well, I guess I still have not played it.

In the last two years I have not watched American Idol. Before that I was a huge fan. I would watch every week. I thought Clay Aiken should have won and also thought that Bo Bice was better than Carrie Underwood (Probably was wrong about that.) I had no idea who the contestants were this year, and did not even realize that Ellen was a judge until my wife told me.

In the last two years I have not eaten Taco Bell. I used to get so excited when a new item would come out. I would think to myself ” Wait a second, you mean the taco now has nacho cheese in between another taco. Sign me up!” When I drive by now, I think about tacos, but realize that I can make my own now, and I know the true ingredients in it.

In the last two years I have learned a lot about myself. That I am a good father. That losing and maintaining weight means nothing if I am not happy with where I am. That portion sizes and eating healthier can contribute to looking completely different. That self-esteem is the most important part of any eating plan. That anyone can lose weight, but not anyone can feel great.

I learned I can inspire. I can write. I can motivate with spoken words. That I can be helpful and not condescending. That I can lose weight. I can keep it off. I can!

Two years ago I could not tie my shoes. I had to lay on my bed to wipe myself. I could not put on socks. Two years ago I coughed up blood, I had to sit in the doctor’s office for two hours because he would not let me leave with my heart rate so high. Two years ago I could not fit in a booth. Two years ago I could not take a bath, I could not bend down to pick up a quarter. Two years ago I could not get clothes at a normal store, I could not hug my wife. Two years ago I could not go on a plane. Two years ago…..

The weirdest thing is that I could not do all of this in 2008.

That is it.


That is not so long ago.


My life is so different now. I am so different now.

I will never worry about the small stuff.

But make sure that I will always be able to enjoy the small stuff.

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