“I’ve got Bieber Fever!”

– Tony…well, I have no idea why I said this 6/14/2010

My wife loves to describe me as random.

The more I think about it, it is the best way to describe me.

I say stuff out of no where. I have no reason to say half the things I do. I just will say something strange in a conversation. Sometimes for a laugh, but sometimes I just say it.

When we drive somewhere, I love to read billboards out loud. I will read it, and then question what I read.

“Fireworks two exits ahead. Really?”

Random is probably the best way to describe my blog.

I will write a sad post, and then Tweet jokes for an hour. Or I will write a funny post and then write something inspirational on Facebook. There is no pattern.

It is not to throw the reader off guard. That is the kind of person that I am.

If something goes in my mind, I visualize it and need to make it happen.
Here is an example. I was driving one day and made up some crazy little poem in my head. It went like this….

Life is a beach
I want a peach
I like Robin Leach
Saved by the Bell has Screetch

When I was done, I said out loud…”Yup, I am a regular Emily f*cking Dickinson.”

That was the funniest thing to me. That is all I said that day. I had to write a blog post with that title.

So I did. At 2:25am I wrote this.

But as crazy as I am, I have this insane drive and determination.

I want to do well. I want to succeed. For me.

It is not only for weight loss, but for everything. I set goals and need to hit them. Surpass them.

I am passionate about things. I do care, although I show it in a weird way sometimes.

I used to have a fear of failing, but I have no problem with failing. I have a fear of not trying.

People give up easily. Something that is hard is “boring”. Not worth it.

I am the opposite. I do mind mind to fail. I do not mind to embarrass myself. I do not mind to be wrong.

At the end of the day, the crazy person inside me wants to win.

That is what winners do.

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