That is right, today!!!

Today is the day…..

Today is the day I invite all the anonymous commenters from all over the country (San Diego, Ohio, New York and Texas) over my house for a hearty game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Once they all sit down, they will realize my hippo will get all the marbles. Once they ask for some marbles, I will tell them “Sorry, I have no idea who you are!”

Today is the day I could care less about weight loss infomercials. I do not care about P90X nor Insanity. In fact, today I will ask for a $1000 loan so I can sign up for a class with Shawn T. Once in the class, I will kick Shawn in the acai berries and run. I will burn a lot of calories while running.

Today is the day where I will design “Skinny Jeans”. Since I hear so much about them, I will officially make a true pair of universal skinny jeans, unisex of course, and those will be the worldwide standard.

Today is the day where I will go to the Chef Boyardee’s headquarters. I will sit with the CEO and ask him why they feel that a can is truly two servings. Who can feed two people with a can of Chef’s magic?

Today is the day where I will ignore Henry Ford and John F. Kennedy’s words of wisdom and listen to another great motivator. her name is Demi Lovato and she says…..

“We can’t back down. There’s too much at stake. This is serious, don’t walk away!”

Yes Demi, we can not back down. Not right now!

Today is the day where I Tweet and Facebook like a rock star! Every question or 140 character phrase makes me feel more and more…….well, more like Demi Lovato!

I annoy
I inspire
I love
I dislike

Today I stare at my feet when I walk!
Today I fasten my seatbelt!
Today I put my fingers and wrap them around my wrist!
Today I got yelled at because the Avocado burger was no “Avocady enough!”
Today I hugged my son!
Today I inspired a fan!
Today I cried!


Yes. Here is what happened today….

Today I was at work. I sat with my boss who asked me the oldest question in business.

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

I looked at my boss. I did not realize the tear coming from my eye.

“You okay?”

I did not answer.

Three years ago, I would have told him I would be dead.

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