Earlier this month, I got an email from a Nutrisystem PR rep.

They wanted me to use their product for 12 weeks, give me counseling afterward, and blog about it on their site.

I am sure many of you got the same offer, but this was the biggest offer I have received.

A couple years ago I priced Nutrisystem, and it was expensive.

For a split second I thought about it……

This would be my chance.
Nutrisystem is a multi-million dollar industry.
They have paid millions to spokespeople like Lawrence Taylor and Don Shula. Marie Osmond gets a pretty penny from them as well. They have deep pockets.
They have been struggling as of late. They invested so much money in high dollar spokespeople and putting their products into Wal-Mart and Targets around the country.
If you go into a Wal-Mart, their is a big paper display for their product. Multiply that by a couple thousand and you are dealing with some serious cash.
I also do not think there is anything wrong with Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Medifast*, or any portion control diet.
For someone who is very overweight, it is hard to start. You can not go from processed foods to fruits and vegetables overnight. That is a recipe for disaster.
Nutrisystem can give you the confidence to control portions. Then move to fresh fruits and vegetables, then getting active, and then living the ultimate “healthy” life.

*By the way, have you read Lyn’s blog lately? She has been on Medifast, and if you do not believe that these types of programs can change your life, read a recent post. Totally different than her posts in the past, and I am happy for her and her successful weight loss.

Nutrisystem could use someone like me.
I could blog the way I do and inspire millions. I could talk about my “honest” weight loss. There are few Anti-Jared writers out there.
I also have amazing before and current pictures.

After that split second, I wrote a nice email passing on the offer.

It was not the way I lost weight.

Honesty is more important than fame.
Weight loss is more important than compromise.
Begging for readers is more important than having them shipped to me.

I love my life.

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