A year ago….a year ago I had my son. The reason I lost 200 pounds, the reason I do not make excuses, the reason it will stay off. Hppybdy!

Today is my son’s first birthday.

It seems like only yesterday that my wife and I were looking at a pregnancy test.

Questioning how many lines we saw…

“I think there are two lines”
Hmmmm,I am not sure…”
“I said two lines!!!!”

I remember a few years ago when the doctor told us we could have a child.

When he told us that, I was still 400 pounds. Adoption was not an option. Not at my size. We really wanted kids.

It was one of the defining moments in my life. I knew I had to lose the weight.

I had to make a “selfish selfless” choice. I had to do it for me, but then it had to be for others. It could not be a quick fix like the past. It had to stick.

And I did. We did not try to have a child until I lost over 150 pounds. Once my son was born, I lost over 200 pounds.

And now he has been in our lives for a year. The best kid in the world.

Well, that is a Dad’s opinion, but I think his Mom agrees as well.

He plays. He laughs a lot. He loves to crawl. He is close to walking.

He says “Mama” and “Bella”. He says “All Done” and there is a rumor that he has said “Ellen” after his favorite show, but that is a rumor.

He eats kid food. Pancakes, raviolis, organic fruits and vegetables.

I rush home from the gym to see him. I love the days where I “parent” with him.

See, no babysit, I said parent. Mamavation, where are you!!!!

He is the reason that weight loss is a great battle. He is worth it. He is my little star. I can not imagine a life without him

But the coolest thing he does is he pushes away food when he is full.

And I promise to him that I will have the most beautiful struggles with my weight. But I will keep it off.

He is my inspiration.

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