My wife and I were driving by the BJ’s Warehouse the other day.

This is where I buy 10 pounds of chicken.

I told her that I always park in the “Members with Infants” parking spot.

I mean, who cares. It is close and always open.

Plus, I am a member…and I have an infant. Just because he does not come with me does not mean that I am not a “member with an infant”.

For ten minutes my wife was yelling at me. You would think I burned down a house.

How there is probably a mother who could not park close because of my selfishness. Because I decided to bend the rules, some one else had to walk farther.

Yet, that is how most people view diets.

People love to bend the rules. They love to eat 1000 calories worth of zero point snacks. They love to call walking around the house a hour of cardio. They love to turn a cheat meal into a cheat day, or week.

All of this is fine, until people get confused at the end of the week.

Scales work. They do not lie. We do.

How do I know?

Because I was lying to myself for over twenty years.

I always thought I have done “every diet out there”, but that is not true.

I did a variation of every diet out there.

When I did Body For Life, I had a cheat weekend filled with 10,000 calories Saturdays.
When I did Atkins, I ate bacon and blue cheese instead of lean meats and vegetables.
When I did the Detox Diet, I put ice cream in my green lemonade. No, really, I did.

Following the rules of any plan helps. Finding the one that works for you is essential.

Maybe you need to have a piece of cake every now and then. Well, pick a plan that incorporates it, and limit yourself. Do not make the rules.

You will not lose weight if you eat what you want. No one will, it is a selling point.

I am not happy with a piece of cake, so I eliminated it. It has been two years, and I am still standing.

Maybe you can not go to a gym. Walk around the neighborhood, spend $10 on resistance bands and go on to find a nice little workout. Heck, Mizfit has a million videos on her site.

Please do not interpret my post yesterday as I do not want to help.

That is far from the truth.

I do not want to do it for you. It won’t work. It did not work for me.

I am a male weight loss blogger.

The life expectancy for a male weight loss blogger is five months. They do it, get sick of it, and leave. When they are here, they play the blogging game. They do it well.

I have no idea how to play the game. Yet, I do pretty well.

I am weird. Very weird. Look at my last six posts. There is no rhyme or reason for them. On one I am happy, one I am sad. One I am angry, and one, well, I am promoting something.

I also have a ton of ideas. I always want to write something. I am unique.

I will not make you skinny. I do not want your money. I do not want you to go to a flashy website where someone will give you 12 steps to lose weight. The same 12 steps that have been around for years.

I will not go to Blogher. I will not be a Mamavation mom. Yet, many people who read me will do both. Am I talented, maybe. Am I honest, we all are.

I am a man fantastically lost in weight loss blogging.

I want people to find strength from within. Like I did. I want people to be more popular than me. To lose more weight than me. Prove me wrong. Make me look like a sh-lump!

I am not going anywhere. I love this.I will blog for a long time.

I am crazy and weird. I told my friend Diana that I am like a Frosted Mini-Wheat. I have a sweet side, then I have a very unsweet side.

But once you put me in milk I become good.

By the way, I never parked in one of those spots. I have respect for all the parents out there.

I do know how to play by the rules.

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