So this weekend I was suspended for a few hours on Twitter. That is not the best part….

The best part is that I told my wife this would happen two weeks ago. I told her that I was going to follow a lot of people to see my blog.

For two years I have tried to get my story out to as many people as possible.

I have written little blurbs on Weight to get people to come to my blog.

By the way, I was suspended by WW before.

I have done the same with Traineo, Sparkpeople, MyFitnesspal and 3FW.

I have suspended by all at one time or another.

I have broken link rules. There sites were to support, not promote. I never listened.

I have had people annoyed. Write me letters to stop writing the same thing over and over again.

Yeah….they must not know me.

I did not care about their rules.

Why do I do it you might ask?

This is where it gets good.

My wife gets mad at me sometimes because I do come across on my blog like I am a simpleton.

A fool who lost a lot of weight who wants to be famous.
A lucky ducky who prides himself on the people who go to his Facebook page and Twitter account.

But I am not stupid. Far from it.

See, if I wanted to be famous, I know how. I have enough contacts. I could get with a PR firm who could get me on radio and TV. Once on there, I light up the screen. I have this ability that people will either love or hate me, but they will watch.
I could get a book deal. I have enough posts that I could take 40-50 of them and make a little book that would inspire. My story is like so many, yet it is completely different.
I could get a personal training license and train. Open a “Antijared” studio that anyone could feel good about working out. Not make a profit at first, but get my name out there. Once out there, start opening more in cities, franchise, and then make a profit.
I could beg and beg my brother (Verified Twitter Account) to help. If he would not help, I could cry to my mom to get my brother to help.

That is not why I do what I do. I have a good job. The most famous weight loss blogger still has a full time job. I have a great family.

I really get my story out there for two reasons. For you…..and for me.

1. Inspire- I read a lot of blogs. I see people who find that there is no hope, they feel horrible, they are not good looking, etc. Then I look at their picture and do not understand what they are talking about*.

* This happened the other day. I was on a blog where a girl put up a picture of her in a skirt. She looked cute, but the blog was about how overweight and ugly she was. I wanted to wrote that she looked cute, but then the “creep factor” kicked in. So to all, I guarantee you are hotter than you give yourself credit for.

People talk about how there is no way they can lose 40 pounds. It is so far off. And I stop…
I want people to know it is possible. I was a guy who was 5 foot 6 weighing 420 pounds. At the time the only person I ever heard of who lost over 200 pounds was Jared Fogle.

I could have used a person like Theantijared.

I know that most people do not have to lose 200 pounds, but 200 pounds is like your 40 pounds. Every day, little by little, it comes off.
And I realize that it is never easy. I always thought when people lose the weight and maintain that there is some secret that they have discovered. There is no secret. I want people to know from my eyes that there will be good and bad days, but you have to know that the good days can overpower the bad ones.
I do feel that for ever 100 people that visit my blog, three people are moved.

3% is wonderful, because I will take that all day long.

2. My Journey- Besides for weight loss, I enjoy getting my story out. I like submitting it to local papers and TV. I do not get many responses, but I have not given up, nor will I ever give up.
I love the fact that I am my own self promotion. That I put it out there, that some people are annoyed and some people are moved.
It is a great feeling when people are moved by my pictures. By my writing. It makes me feel like there was a purpose to blog. To Facebook. To Twitter.
There will be a day that I will be on TV. It is a matter of time. There probably will be some sort of book. There might be some big sponsorships and fame. Besides my weight loss, I know I have that crazy personality.

But right now, I just want people to know that weight loss can be done. Not a quick fix. Not a pill. Not a lap band.
But every day you make healthy decisions is a day to believe. In yourself.

That is what this journey is all about.

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