Molly gave me an award.

I have received a few of these before but never accepted one.

Well, Today is different. Why?

I have no idea.

I have a lot to talk about this week.

There is a YumJared challenge going on Wednesday for a great cause.

I have a review of my favorite crackers coming up.

Then of course, a big deal on Friday!

I want to talk about diet books and a few other things.

I am on vacation this week, so I have a little time to write. I should be blogging every day.

So I think that when I accept this award I have to write seven things you might not know about me.

Here it goes.

1. Career path– Growing up I wanted to be an actor. When I was in an after school program, one of the teachers told me I had a gift. I was excited to get a gift, then i realized the gift was acting.
I played some exciting roles. I was Charlie Brown and “Fat Guy #2” in Bugsy Malone. I was always upset that I was not “Fat Guy #1” but I did get to act with this woman .
Then I did not want to act. I wanted to work in advertising. I was very creative and thought of cool things. Ever hear of Nike’s “Just Do It”? Well, I did not write it, so I stopped believing in that career.
Then I wanted to do accounting. I love numbers. But it never amounted to anything.
Then I wanted to write because of my brother. I never had the patience to sit and write for a long time.
I ended up in restaurants. I love to manage people. I love to lead and find creative ways to motivate people. Food may not be my love anymore, but seeing someone excel makes me feel good, especially if I have a part in it.

2. Animals– I love animals. Growing up, I had a cat named Smoky. He was not named after the Friday character who smoked a lot of weed, but named Smoky because he was Grey.
I have a dog and two cats. My dog is sweet but barks a lot. She gets along very well with my son.
The cats are nice as well, but loud. They are Siamese.

3. Blog– Most of my posts come up when I am at the gym. I will hear a song, and something will click. The worst part is that half of the time I do not remember what I was going to write about, so I do not write.
I never have posts “in the chamber”. Once I think of something, I write and publish it. I do not edit it for a while. I like the rawness of it. It bothers some that my grammar is rough, but I do not lose any sleep over it.
There are days that I write because I have not written in a while. I want to keep it fresh. I will not be a daily writer, but I do like that people read my blog once I post.

4. Shy– I am an incredibly shy person. In fact, it you ever see me and say “Are you The Anti-Jared?” I will ignore you.
I rarely talk about weight loss outside of my blog. If you have a question I will answer, but I would NEVER say something like “You should not eat Yoplait, Fage is much better!” Well, The Anti-Jared would, Tony would not.
It freaks people out. When they read and meet, they think I am going to smack them with an apple and scream “1000 push-ups”.

I have only done that four times.

Okay, I have never done that.

5. Wife– I truly love my wife. You might know that. But here is why.
When I was over 400 pounds, she found me just as attractive as today. She always knew I had this desire to be something. She knew I had it in me.
I have a lot of respect for that. I see shows where people lose weight and then leave their wives/husbands. I think “What a dirty piece of sh*t!”
I am lucky. I have a loyal woman by my side. I love to joke with people, but trust me, I do love my wife.

6. Fame– Ever since I was a kid I thought I would be famous. I have no idea why.

7. Wife’s choice– I am letting my wife choose this one….

MemoryYou have an incredible memory. You do not forget anything. ANYTHING! It is so weird.
You also are very observant. you notice things that I would never see. Like when we go to a restaurant, you can tell in 30 seconds if they are staffed or how well it is run.
You also read every billboard out loud. You are very funny. not like jokes, but random funny.”

Well, there you go, you got more than one.

So Seven things you did not know about me. Now I have to give this award out to seven people Hmmmmmmm…..

I am just going to give this to Carlos because he always wants ideas for blog posts. Do not say I did not try to help ya!

And I am happy he is blogging again.

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