Believe it or not, but I am a funny person.

When I say funny, I mean funny “haha“.

I like to make jokes and make people laugh.
My humor is not for all, but it can be quite amusing.

Okay, it is for all. I am HIIIILARIOUS!!!

Growing up overweight, you kind of have to be funny.

You have to be able to make the joke before someone else does. You have to be able to make someone laugh before they make fun of you. I was always good at it. I do it with a straight face, and I have very good references.

You probably could not tell from my blog.

Once in a while I crack a little joke, but it is hidden in a story about weight loss.

That is what my blog was designed for, weight loss.

I do not have any desire to talk about anything else on here. No politics, no “what is going on in my life”, just weight loss.

Twitter, however, is for my humor.

I find it very easy to do.

140 characters of a witty line to make people say LOL in capital letters.

In fact, here is one of my zingers.

And here is the response.

YES! A laugh by one of my weight loss heroes!

Sometimes my jokes are not that great.

Here is one of my misses.

And here are the responses.

Yeah, I know the difference.

But it is fun for me now. I enjoy Twitter. For a half hour a day, I can think of a couple jokes, do a few replies, and then go on my way.

If you have read me in the past, you would know that I was never a fan.

But now, I have found its purpose. To annoy this piss out of people. Okay, maybe just to tell a joke here and there.

Okay, one more joke.

Which got this.

Ah yes, my hero Roni. I have a lot of cool heroes.

Humor is like weight loss.

You are never going to get it all the time. You will have some good days and bad days, yet, the really good ones are the ones you should remember. Learn from the bad ones.

Twitter is also cool because you never know what you are going to get.

I mean, you write something like this.

And all of the sudden get this.

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