Sometimes when you write a blog post, it gets taken out of context. It happens to all of us. We word things wrong, we forget to put a couple of words here and there.

Out of the hundreds (I can not believe it, but I think there are over 100 people who read me now) there are some people who get a post, exactly what I was trying to put out there.

Let me introduce you to Frank. A 100 pound loser who did it for himself. He is doing a real cool thing a walk for breast cancer.

Read his story and check out his site……

I vividly remember sitting on my couch, bending over to tie my shoes and not being able to breathe due to my weight. I had been retired from the Air Force for seven years; I weighed 297 pounds and was not feeling very good about myself. I was adamant – it was time to do something!
My employer was starting a Weight Watchers (WW)-at-work program and I thought “If not now, when?” I signed up for the 14 week program and before you know it, I was on my way. Little did I know how far I’d go? When the 14 week program ended, I had lost 36.6 pounds! I was truly motivated to continue losing weight and immediately joined a local lunch time meeting to continue my journey.
At my first meeting I met Jean, my new WW Leader. She is without a doubt the most motivational and inspiring person I had ever met. She has a way of pulling ideas and inspiration from people and delivering them to the members in a way that greatly benefits everyone. I literally learn something new at every one of her meetings and depart feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead.
Since beginning WW I have now lost 92 pounds. In fact, I am now 30 pounds lighter than when I retired from the Air Force. However, the weight loss is only a small part of my overall success. I have also made several lifestyle changes which have greatly impacted my health. I no longer take cholesterol medication. My test number dropped from 285 to 160. I walk 4-8 miles a day and I’ve joined a gym to firm up what I have left. I can now comfortably fit in a seat at Fenway Park to enjoy my beloved Red Sox. I love taking long walks on the beach, no longer embarrassed to take my shirt off. I remember Jean saying “The smaller WE get, the bigger our WORLD would get”. She was so right!
I have learned in WW that life is about our choices. I have seldom felt deprived and have found healthier substitutes for many of my past poorer choices. WW has given me all the tools I needed to overcome most of the temptations that come my way. I know I can’t be perfect, but I have proven to myself – I can be in control.

So that was my story last year, I told the rest to you earlier today. 3 million steps in 270 days; 1st 5k run earlier this year and now training for the Komen 3 day/60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk next month. It truly has been an incredible journey. Just like you I have certain things I have to do no matter what. I have to walk every day and I have to go to my WW meeting every week. I have been at goal or below for almost 2 years now and still weigh in every week. It keeps me balanced and keeps my head straight.

Please keep writing your blog and your followers will keep reading. You truly do inspire us.


Frank McSorley

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