Two years ago this day……

I sat in my car with tears of joy. For 10 minutes I kept on buckling and unbuckling my seat belt.
It has been a while since I did it, so I wanted to truly feel what it was like again.
It felt good.
I lost 120 pounds at the time. I still had to get pants from the “big and tall” sections at stores, but normal was coming soon.
At that time, no one knew I had a blog. Not my wife or family.

A year ago…………..

I was about to have a baby. I took time off of work to take care of my wife. Her pregnancy was a little challenging. During my time off, it became apparent to me that the restaurant I worked at did not want me back. They were not going to fire me, but make my life rough.
It stressed me out, yet I had this amazing feat I accomplished. I went from 420 pounds to under 200 pounds. I worked out. I looked great. And little by little, I was getting confidence in talking about it.
My blog was out there.
People like Mizfit and Jen were creating a little buzz for me. Pastaqueen put my blog on her blogroll without me ever asking her. Beyond an honor from a hero.
I wanted to change careers.
I applied to WW as a territory manager. There was an opening in Florida, and I wanted it!
I ran a 3 million dollar a year restaurant at the time. I managed over 40 employees. I knew I could do it.
When I spoke to someone at corporate they asked me my weight, which they knew. It was not their “goal” weight for me.

I still think to this day I might be the only person to get rejected by WW after losing 200 pounds for being too heavy.

But it was not only WW. Jenny Craig did not hire me. Medifast did not hire me. GNC did not hire me. I tried. I told everyone about my weight loss. About my blog.

No one wanted to hear it.


Today is Father’s Day, my first!

I am not going to lie. If I cut off my arm and someone punched me in the giblets it would still be an awesome Father’s Day.

It is my first and I am so lucky to have the family I have.

But that is not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk to everyone who reads my blog.

With tears in my eyes, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for supporting me. For believing in my blog. For making my blog what it is today.

If you think my blog is not better because of you, then you are wrong. Everyone who has commented, sent me a tweet, Facebooked me or emailed me has helped me more than you know.

I listened and tweaked. Talked about subjects I never thought I would. Twisted the same stories in cool ways.

Inspired like I knew deep down I could.

You have given me the confidence to work hard at this. To believe that maybe there is a future in this for me.
I have never received a dime for my writing, yet knowing I help people makes me feel good.

When you write a comment like “I just found your blog…Thank You.” or “Wow” I realize that some people need the honest post. The crazy post. The funny post.

There are many posts that I do cry when I write. Some I do laugh. Some I just want to put something fresh out there.

I guess I do not say it enough, but thank you for giving me confidence to be myself. I can be crazy at times, sweet at times, and a little to the point, but I care about weight loss.

I do not want to be a face in the crowd on something I am passionate about. I want to tell you that it can be done. I do not want to write a book that will sell for a $1 in a year.

I believe I have become a better “Social Media Darling” over the last six months. I believe that I have helped some.

You have given me the best Father’s Day gift!

So you know, I did have a great Father’s Day. I got to spend it with my wife, son and parents.
I do have a job I love and a boss that is fair with me.
I work out every day.
Portions are still a challenge, but I will take that challenge all day long.
I have kept off the weight.

WW still has not called. Nor has Prevention, FITNESS, Blogher, Jenny Craig, Shape, CNN, or Men’s Health.

But you have. Thank you.

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