“Is there something wrong with our Internet?”

-Tony to wife (4/10/09)

It was the weirdest thing the first time it happened.
I typed in the web address and got an error. Then I typed it again, still no luck.
Then I pressed each key hard so I made sure the address was right.

Then I realized there was no mistake.

The blogger left the community. Took his blog and went on to other things.

Left writing…..

No notice. No warning. Just left.

Or was there a warning………

When you are upset in a restaurant and tell a manager, that is not considered a complaint. That is an opportunity. An opportunity to fix an issue. An opportunity to win back your loyalty. An opportunity to make your meal right.
Believe it or not, most people do not tell a manager their issue. They are nervous or embarrassed. They are angry and think they might blow up.
They just never come back.

Blogging is not for everyone.
It can be a choir. I
t is hard to come up with ideas or do spins of other ideas.
It gets frustrating at times.

But it is always sad when a blogger leaves the community.

The hardest thing for some is when they see how hard weight loss can be. How so many others are dropping weight so fast, yet for them it is “impossible”

I always look at my blogroll for signs.

Looking for titles like “Goodbye” or “I Quit” or “Failure”. I hate those titles.

Those are the ones that want help. The ones that should get 100 comments not to leave.
They want to stay. They are frustrated. They can not understand why people are losing weight and they are not.

They feel isolated, like they are the only ones that do not get it*.

*Do you know why there are so many diet books out there? Here it is…weight loss makes sense on paper. You can write anything down and it makes sense. Take a look…

You should drink water. It fills you up and you will eat less.
You should not drink water. You will get most of your water from fruits and vegetables, and an excess amount of water in your system will make you gain weight.

I made up both of those, yet they make sense. Anything you put down on paper makes sense.

Real life does not make sense. It does not make sense why you eat pancakes when you wanted Egg Beaters. It does not make sense when you eat M and M’s when you wanted air popped popcorn. You feel like a failure. Like YOU are the one bringing the community down? Like you are the only one who can not control their cravings!

That is what people do not get. Maybe you get that point of view from my blog/posts, but it is far from the truth. You will have issues along the way. You will eat more than you wanted. If it was easy, it would be called a Success Story community, not Weight Loss community.

I once got an email that I am too “all or nothing”. After reading my posts, I could see what the e mailer was saying. I do stay away from foods, but I do also have to know that one bite will not make me gain 200 pounds. It is not healthy to think that. But I also know that what I am doing is working. For me.

99.9999999% of people can not be “all or nothing”.

You will gain weight. You will eat a crazy meal. You will skip workouts.

Just not forever.

Once you give up, then it is forever.

I wrote once that everyone is perfect. I truly believe that. It is silly to say that nobody’s perfect. That is a cop out. That is an excuse.

Weight loss is not overnight. A day will not screw you up, unless you make it screw you up.
I have to know that as well. I am learning this. I want this as well.

I am perfect just like everyone who reads this and perfect people make mistakes. They just learn from them and move on. No dwelling. No “cake incident on Memorial Day”.

If bloggers leave, then they leave. Hopefully they keep on their journey.

But people should know that Rome was not built in a day.

But we can make it a great place,right?

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