Today was one of those days where I had a lot of ideas for writing, but they all ended no where.

I started to write about the YumJared Sugar Sweet Free Day on Wednesday 6/23. How we have a great charity to help, and the hard part of that day, which is eliminating sugar substitutes. I started to write about it, but went no where with it. It will come to me this week, I know it.

I then started to write about how I got an email which said “You can read my blog if you want, it is okay”. I do not like getting those emails. I want to see “You are so missing out if you do not hear about my weight loss!!!!”
I was going to write about self-confidence in blogging. How you should be your biggest fan. How you need to promote yourself as a “must read”. I was writing about how I do it, and although some find it annoying, it works. It did not go far, the post was, well, rather lame.

I was going to write another “Update Blogroll” post. The last one I got a lot of “Please add me on!” but no link. I was going to ask if you wanted to be on my blogroll to type your link so I could copy/paste it on with ease. But I did not want to dedicate a post to it, so I stopped.

I then started to write about my Facebook Fanpage. How I LOVE asking questions and getting cool responses. It is what I always thought a weight loss forum should be. Just a place for ideas and suggestions, not a place for bitching and saying what is wrong with the world. We all know about the injustices of being overweight. Then I realized I talk about Facebook a lot, which would not have made sense except I was about to write about self-promotion.

Then, I was going to write about Twitter. How there are different groups and so many tweets with links. I was going to talk about how I have been using it to promote my Facebook page, my blog and make a couple of funny comments here and there, but then I realized I know nothing about social media.

I am a restaurant manager.

So today’s post is about cabbage soup. Why I decided to make it today, I have no idea. But I did, and it is going to be delicious!

2 Things to Add!

1. Tricia did mention my most famous tweet, which is

“I am on a Twitter Diet. I now only tweet 70 characters instead of 140”

2. The soup was divine!

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