I love remixes, yet have no idea why. People always take a song that was good, put a different beat to it, and then all of the sudden it becomes great.
There are a lot of remixes in workout music. Today I heard a remix of “Let’s Get It On”. Who remixes that? Yet, it was good.
So today I am going to remix one of my favorite posts from the past, which is 5:43am. I wrote this in March of 2009.

I love this post more now because the time line has passed.

5:43am (Featuring Akon and Jason Derulo)

There I was laying in bed at 5:43am.

Akon-Ohhhh, laying in bed!

I usually get up around 5:30am, walk the pup, and then head to the gym.

Akon-Walk the pup! Puppy time!

I was tired this morning. I really did not want to get out of bed. I was thinking about skipping my workout and getting a little more sleep.

I had every excuse to miss a workout.

Akon-Who cares if TAJ misses a workout! He does it 100 times a week!

I just broke under 200 pounds in my weight loss journey.
I work close to 70 hours a week.
I cooked for my wife the day before!
If I missed a work out, no one would care. In fact, many people would tell me I deserved a day off.

At 5:43am, I was not fooling myself. I had a whole list of excuses. I know all too well what excuses can turn into. I have seen it to much in my life. I started seeing my future blog posts:

Akon-Tell em bout the future!

April 3, 2009- I finally went back to the gym. I did not have a good weigh in, but going back to the gym was a good start back. I weighed in today at 221, which is not bad. I have still love 199 pounds. I have struggled lately, but I will get back on track!

June 9, 2009- The wife is about to have the baby. I am sorry I have not posted lately, but work has really gotten to me. Yesterday was my WI, and I was at 267 pounds. I have gained some, but I am still down over 150 pounds! I went walking the other day. I really should go back to the gym. I did eat some a healthy taco at Taco Bell. I really need to get back on track. I know I can do it.

September 14, 2009- Well, I never thought I would be back at Casual Male. At 312 pounds, I am back in size 50 pants. I am bummed because I wanted my baby to see me thinner. Well, I am still down over 100 pounds, I can get back on track. I know I can!

December 3, 2009- Happy Birthday to me! I can not believe how much I have been eating as of late. I had a huge steak and bread for dinner. I weighed myself, and I am at 365 now. My wife is worried. I am too. But I am not giving up. I am still down 45 pounds. I will start back tomorrow!

February 23, 2010- A year ago I was 198. Now, I am 434. I have gained back all of the weight and then some. Wow, they were right, maintaining the weight was hard. I tried…but not as hard as I should have!


Jason Derulo-

The Anti-Jared works out mad crazy
He does this weight loss for himself, wife and baby
It’s more that just the cauliflower
He does this Sh*t to have the power
Of controlling his own density
To be able to stand up when he pees
He knows what can happen, it has happened to most
Which is why he repeats the same themes in each post
Confidence, working out and eating right
Staying away from Diet Sprite
Or is it called Sprite Zero?
It is not about being a weight loss hero.
The dedication he can not lack
It can all be taken away with a 100 calorie snack
Because the gift you have been given does not come every day……

At 5:44am, I realized it was time to get up, walk the dog, and go to the gym. Maintaining my weight and staying focused is a full time job. One that I will not get fired from. I know every excuse in the book. I do not want excuses. I want results!

Akon- Results! Take it to the gym!

I was at the gym by 5:56am

After I worked out for two hours today, someone asked me about my weight loss. They said:

“Wow, what is it going to be like when there is no spotlight on you!”

I answered the only way I know how:

“There has never been a spotlight on me. Just my wife shining a flashlight on my face!”

I wrote this over a year ago. I have not gained the weight back.

Like I said last year, I will never be over 400 pounds again.

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