This week I have dedicated my blog to telling stories along the way on my journey. Some you will love, other you will not. But I always say if it helps one person, it was worth writing.
I also have turned off my comments on my blog. I have done this in the past, but I feel there is a more personal connection with Facebook. Twitter and Email. Please feel free to comment on any of these.
Thank you for being a part in my life. And letting me a part in yours.

“No, your blog is great. Maybe tone it down a little, but you have great writing skills”

-WW PR Rep (Eastern Division)

There is a quote that never made sense to me.

“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.”

But it makes perfect sense in blogging.

Bloggers are affected when they get readers. Once they get an anonymous comment that insults them, or they get popular, their blog changes.
Their honesty is skewed a little. Things that were jokes before become tolerable. Their beautiful writing becomes forums.
The ice in their veins melts. The passion that they had for writing is sold for a pair of Nike shoes and a chance to go to a conference.
Did it happen to me? Oh yeah.
I am the guy who has a “Kick Me” sign on my back. I see people laughing, but have no idea why.
It happened with WW.
You all had no idea why I loved them so much? It was not me.
Yet, it was for selfish reasons.

My wife never understood it. In fact, many people did not understand it. I would weigh myself at home because I did not trust the receptionist’s weigh in. If I do not see it, I do not believe it.

I never counted points. Their once “Core” program was dissolved. The meetings were like 46 minute commercials.

Yet, I would not say a bad thing. Why?

Money, fame, a sponsorship? Nope…..

I wanted to be on page 67. I wanted to wear the khaki pants with my hands in the air. I wanted the generic “Now I am doing my first triathlon and Watermelon 5K” next to my picture and I wanted this:

Tony Posnanski
Before: 420.2
After: 198.8
Pounds Lost: 221.4

I wrote and I wrote to them. Never got an answer. My wife was so confused why I cared so much. I guess in a way, I was confused as well.

Then, I got an email from a Success Story rep. They interviewed me, and then told me that I was not considered. I was upset, so I wrote this.

The funny thing is that I never realized people read my blog.
I never knew that so many people read my blog.

Two hours after the post was up I got a phone call. The area code was 212.

212 and 323 are area codes I pay attention to. LA and NYC. Those are not telemarketers. Those are not bill collectors. Those are big PR reps. Magazines. TV shows.

“Hi, Tony”

I got nervous. They did not attempt to say my last name. They did not want to offend me.

“Hi, this is ___________ from WW. I represent the PR department. Can we talk to you when you have a moment?”


“5pm tomorrow would be great, thanks!”

We? What is going on?

I told my wife. She was not as excited as I was.

I always talk about how wonderful my wife is, but there is a reason. She always thinks I sell myself short. She is right. If Oprah called me today , she would say “Well, it is about time.”

So the next day, at 5pm I spoke to two WW PR people. They talked to me about my post. About the rules of WW and why I was not considered.

Then they started talking about my blog. How they enjoy it. It was a little brash and raw, but my skills were there. They wanted me to change a little. They were going to talk to the WW magazine editor about maybe writing a “Restaurant piece”.
Helping in other ways.
Giving me paperwork to become a “leader”.

You have no idea how this excited me. I was noticed.

“ were always noticed.”

“Really? Can’t you be happy hon?”

“I am, just be careful.”

My blog changed because of this. I knew people were reading. My posts were affected. It might not have seemed fake to you, but it did to me.
It was not enjoyable.
It was a choir.

All to be on page 67 of a magazine no one reads.

Then on one of my posts, a friend (Brandi) wrote something. It was something that made me think. Something that made me realize why I blog. It was not meant to be inspirational, but it hit me.

“I love your posts, but I like your angry posts as well.”

I changed. I am a guy who has been pooped on for so many years selling my soul.
I have this thing now called a voice which is being wasted.
All for a case of POM and a chance to interview Hungry Girl.

I am not sure if women are smarter than men, but I know my wife is smarter than me. She talked to me about my blog, which is rare.

“On most of your posts, 3 people tell you it is your best post. 1 person tells you they never comment, but they has to. The same people do not comment all of the time. This happens all of the time.You help people with the blog. They enjoy it. What you are doing now is what everyone else does.”

The last month I have been enjoying blogging. I am writing like no one is watching, although I know they are. I am saying things with no fear of backlash although I know some people will not agree.

Do I have ice in my veins?

No, but the water is cold.

Very cold.

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