It is May.

This month many weight loss bloggers will lose followers..
It is the trend that has happened over the last two years.

May is a rough month for some dieters.

It is the month where most feel alone.

They realized that their New Years Resolutions will not happen, so they start thinking about the next year. Memorial Day and Fourth of July weekends are coming up, which is a rough time to eat well. As much as people love to comment OHHHH, nothing beats grilled asparagus!”* 99% of America knows a big juicy burger is hard to resist.

*By the way, I am the asshole who loves grilled asparagus.

It is a time where diet companies are out in full force. Beachbody has more infomercials than ever. Zumba, Brazil Butt, P90X, you name it. All DVD’s, all promise to lean you up, all come with an eating plan, all make you want to pick up the phone after you watch it. All tell you that it would cost $1000 to be in a class with the trainers, but all of their classes are sold out!

Weight Watchers conveniently pick their new spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson. Nutri-System conveniently is now at Wal-Mart. Atkins has a new and improved book and Jenny Craig some woman now spinning around in a new dress after losing 30 pounds. Notice this is all before the summer.

Believe it or not, the holidays are easy. You are supposed to fail during that time. Everyone does. If you break even, you are the talk of the weight loss blogging community. If you gain, you are like oh well, I was supposed to!

That is why May is rough. May is when most people should have succeeded. I am writing this today, on “Read less Saturday” because I realized something.

Today while waiting in line at the grocery store, this is what I saw on magazines.

Lose three pounds in five days!
Get a perfect body in 30 days!
Follow my 8 week plan!
Not much time left until summer!

There is always a sense of urgency in diets. NOW NOW NOW!!!!!

So I am going to give you my two cents. Take it or leave it.

You will fail, succeed, laugh, cry, get happy, be mad and love/hate eating better and moving more. It will happen…..

1. The one person that truly cares that you lost two pounds is the person looking at you in the mirror.
2. Tomorrow DOES exist, but try to make the most of today.
3. There is no right or wrong way to lose weight. Argue all you want.
4. Eating a bad meal does not make you a bad person
5. Eating a good meal does not make you a good person.
6. Losing weight does not make you sexy. Feeling good about yourself make you sexy.
7. Everyone is perfect.

For over twenty years I tried and failed at keeping off weight. I did it in the past because I wanted to feel better. To wear cool clothes, to get girls. I would lose weight, and would never be happy with how much I lost. I wanted to lose more, which ended up making me quit and gain back all of the weight plus some.

My life has changed now. Why is it different now?

I am not sure. Ask my son in a couple of years.

Find your passion.

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