Can a guy be a great weight loss blogger?

I never asked if I was a great weight loss blogger. I asked if you thought a guy could be a great weight loss blogger.

Two years ago, I would have told you no.

When I started to blog, I did not get it. I would write about how much weight I lost and move on. I did not know anything about comments or Facebook or Twitter.

I would read other blogs and try to get some ideas. Almost every weight loss blogger I read was a woman.

I started to get a nice groove. I wrote about being overweight. I would comment on other blogs and people started to comment. It was the coolest thing in the world for me. I would write how I felt, weigh in every Monday and talk about hitting “onederland“.

I was gaining confidence……..

Then I got rejected by Blogher. I got rejected by Weight Watchers to be a featured blog on their MySpace page. My story got rejected by Prevention. I got denied being interviewed by Orlando’s local news team.

I lost some steam. I did not understand. It bothered me yet it should not have. I lost over 200 pounds at the time. I was inspiring people. Yet, I was upset by the rejections.

I kept posting as much as possible. I loved writing. I was getting popular.

The funny thing was people always told me “Wow, you have so many followers!” It is not just that. I am blessed that I have so many LOYAL followers.

There is a huge difference. The people who follow my blog have a great deal of respect for me.

I have great people like TJ, Bbubblyb,Brandi,Fat Daddy, Sean, Zeusmeatball,Tony, Merrill, Jack Sh*t** and so many more who get what I wrote.

** I do want to say that I have so much respect for Jack. What he has accomplished in a year with his creativity, passion and humor is tremendous. He is a great weight loss blogger. I will also say that a lot of times people will write me a comment and say “You copy Jack Sh*t a lot”. I respect him, but we do not copy each other. In fact, do you remember this crappy song I wrote before Jack started blogging?

Something weird happened though. My posts started to get twisted by readers. People were misinterpreting what I was writing. What was supposed to be a fun piece would turn into controversy. What was love would turn into narcissism. It got to me. It broke down my creativity.

Then it happened. I wrote this piece which I was incredibly excited about. It was fun and creative and I was sure people would love it!

The first few comments were about how I was tricking people. How people did not know where I was coming from anymore. It hurt me at a time where work was difficult and I could have used positive comments.

So I turned my comments off.

During that time, my posts were uninspired. I would just write so that people would not think I went away. I did not enjoy doing it, it was a choir. Something like “Man I have not posted in a few days, time to post.”

The weird thing is I did not lose a lot of followers. I thought I would.

Every time I posted, Twitter and Facebook would blow up. People who I never spoke to before would email me. As uninspired as I was, something changed in me. I did not realize how many people read me. I did not realize how many people I inspired.

Say what you want, but I truly am a humble person. When I hear “The Anti-Jared” outside of print I cringe. In fact, my wife knows never to say it. I do not tell friends about it, and only two people at my work know about my weight loss. Weight loss was about being normal, not a hero.

The last four months have been the best my blog has ever been. I feel great doing my Facebook page where I ask a fun question every day. When I would ask a question on the WW forum I would get an answer like “When did you become the f***ing moderator”. It feels good to finally be the f***ing moderator.

I love doing contests and giveaways. I never thought I would. I enjoy one day challenges.

I love going on Twitter and telling @YumYucky her avatar is bananas or I love @Roniweigh’s work songs. How @Priorfatgirl eats hummus for lunch or @MrsFatass looked nice in her holiday attire.

I love weight loss blogging now. For two years I have said I am not a weight loss blogger, but I am. I get it! I get that every post will not be a home run. I get that I will do stupid things. I also get that I will do everything in my power to fall on my feet.

So if you ask me today if a guy can be a great weight loss blogger, the answer is yes.

And Chris (cmoursler), do not worry about my self esteem….

It is great people like you and so many more than give me the courage to stand here today and say I am a great weight loss blogger.

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