I am not a fan of The Biggest Loser.

If you have read me for a while you know that.

I do not like the way it portrays overweight people.
I do not like the snide remarks Jillian and Bob make
I do not think weight loss is a competition.

With that being said, I was a fan of Erik Chopin. He was the Season 3 winner in 2006.

Although I have never seen an episode, he gave me hope.

There he was, a man who lost over 200 pounds in a short time, a man who transformed his body, a man who inspired others.

I wrote him a letter in 2006. I was a 400 pound man, and I told him that we were alike in a lot of ways. I told him empty promises about how I was going to change my life, how I would become a weight loss role model like him.

I never got a response.

I do not blame him, he probably got tons of those letters.

The hardest part of my life was between 2006-2008. It was confusing. I was a poor worker. I wanted to go on disability because going to work every day was hard. I fought with my wife a lot. I blamed her for my weight gain. I blamed restaurants and diet companies. I blamed everyone but myself.

The more I blamed, the more I ate. It was justified. It was okay. I was already big, did it really matter that I was bigger?

Weight loss is funny. It is something that others around you believe you can do while deep down you feel you can not. You feel like it is hard. That you are Weak. Not able.

In 2008 I did something I have done so many times in my life. I went on a diet. After the first day, I knew it would be different.

Did I think I would be The Anti-Jared and blog……no!
Did I think I would lose weight……yes.

A lot of weight. Something I have not believed for so long.

During the time of my weight loss, my wife told me about Erik Chopin and how he gained back weight and that he was going to be on Oprah.

It saddened me. It saddens me when anyone gains weight back.

For everyone who gains back the weight, there is a small part of me that believes keeping the weight off is impossible. Luckily, I have a lot of those small parts. That is why I love success stories, no matter how big or small the weight loss is.

This journey is possible. I do not need to tell you. No other blogger needs to tell you. Erik Chopin does not need to tell you. Look in the mirror and tell yourself.

The Chopin story is sad to me now. Not because of the weight gain, but the attention he tries to get. How every Tweet he has is about how he is going on Access Hollywood to talk about how he gained the weight back. How he promotes some gym he goes to.

Who is he doing this for?

The reason why I am writing this is the other day I saw a commercial for The Biggest Loser. The promo I saw was him talking to other contestants about his weight gain saying “This can happen to you.”

I call bullshit!

Look at me and so many others!
This can happen to you!
You can change your life.

Not for fame or fortune, but the joy of tying your shoe!

I know I have asked for a lot, but I need something from you.

Leave a comment with your weight loss. How long did you keep it off. Not only for me, but for the one person who reads weight loss blogs who does not believe weight loss is possible.

Because as I sit hear today, I can tell you it is very possible. Hard as hell, not fun and not fair, but so possible!

For every story about people gaining, I want you to know there are a lot of people losing as well!

And that is what we need to hear!

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