So today was my wife’s first Mother’s Day. I surprised her by taking the day off. This might not sound like a big deal to you, but Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year in restaurants. In fact, this was the first one I have taken off in over ten years. I did not tell her I would be off and let her sleep in until noon while I hung out with the baby. She was thrilled. Sleep is the best gift you can give to a new parent. Oh, I also gave her flowers and she bought some necklace from ETSY earlier this week.
After she got up I went to the gym. Today is leg day, which is my favorite day. I have come a long way in squats. Last year I squatted 135 pound 8 times. I am up to 275 ten times now. I go as low as I can, but I do not risk injury. I have also started doing front squats where the bar is over my chest and not on my shoulders. I do it with less weight and it really makes my legs feel like Jell-O.
After the gym I went to Target. I went shopping but noticed that marshmallow filling was on sale at a super cheap price. It got me thinking. Maybe I should stock up on it? I do not know if I am going to stick with the for the rest of my life and that stuff never goes bad. I mean $.99 cents. WHAT A DEAL! Ehhh, I passed and instead went for oatmeal.

After Target I went to the bookstore. I love Borders but I live five seconds away from a Books-A-Million. I looked at all the “health” books. Wow, there are a lot of books out there. It is kind of sad in a way that everyone has the answers yet I always hear we are getting fatter as a nation. Maybe we should just have one gigantic weight loss book. We could call it EATLESSSPARKBIGGESTLOSEROZFFACTORWEIGHTWATCHERSATKINSBELLYOFFABSDIET

Or, maybe just tell people to eat less and workout more.
Then my day was complete. I ended up with a nice cup of coffee from my Keurig machine. I do love this machine. My favorite flavor is French Roast.

By the way (Almost wrote BTW but realized I am not texting), how many people are committing to the 5K on 5/23. I am working on some giveaways, more details this week.

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