Hey you…….

Do you know what today is?


Well, I will tell you…..

TODAY IS TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is right! No one knows terrific Tuesday like terrific Tony!

-Today is the day where I wear the sexiest clothes. There is nothing hotter than a nice pair of Champion sweatpants and a sweatshirt to match. The total outfit was $11.00, which I am quite proud of. Luckily, I am not living the house or the ladies would be a flocking!!!!!

-Today is the day where celery and broccoli will fight to be my snack of choice. On one hand, celery is juicy, yet broccoli is, well, BROCCOLI!!! I will let them duke it out. I do not need to decide right now because it is terrific Tuesday!

-Today is the day where I will clean up the house. I will be sliding around the floor in my socks and wiping counters like there is no tomorrow. yet, I know there is a tomorrow, just one where I do not want to clean the counters.

-Today is the day where I already worked out, yet I am probably going to do some push ups. Nothing say terrific Tuesday like a nice hearty set of push-ups.

-Today is the day that I get to use my NINJA!!!! I spent a fantastic $35 bucks at Sam’s Club so I can make a nice salsa. My Cuisinart mini prep took a turn for the worse. Poor Mini!!!

-Today is the day where I hang with my son. We get to watch Ellen and Special Agent Oso. Oh that Oso, he is one CRAZY bear!!!!

-Today is the day where I get to go one Facebook and see what is everyone favorite exercise. Mine is squats. I love em!!!!

-Today is the day where I get to look outside and see the sun. The main reason I moved to Florida.

The one thing I love about diet commercials is when someone loses weight, people put on a pair of jeans they never wore before. Guys go shirtless to the beach or women are wearing bikinis by the pool.

What about living a normal life? Enjoying simple things? Doing things that were taken away from you?

Today is terrific Tuesday, and it is the best day! Well, until wonderful Wednesday comes around.

Welcome to my Day 1.

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