5K=3.1 miles

Today I woke up and I was ready for the 5K.

I got dressed and decided to go to the gym and do it.

My workouts have been very good lately.

I have been doing an hour of the Cybex ArcTrainer every day, and then 15 minutes of the StairMaster after that.
I have been working out my abs, and have a good routine with free weights.

Today was different.

The 5K means something a little different to me.

I am not going to give you crazy numbers on how fast I ran.
I am not going to tell you how other people at the gym were inspired by my running.
I am not going to tell you how the C25K changed my life.

Nope, today I went tot he gym, set the treadmill at 3.1 miles per hour, and walked.

Two years ago I hated to walk.
If I could not find a parking space close to a store, I would not go in.
I never went grocery shopping. It was easier to pick up food at a convenience store.
I would go through a drive-
thru over going into a restaurant.

When I did walk, I would have chronic back pain. It would shoot through my lower back down my leg.

I would see a chiropractor four times a week. Every time I would ask him what I could do to make my back stop hurting. Every time he said lose weight. I wanted a different answer but never got one.

When I started going to the gym I went on the treadmill. The first time was 48 seconds, then two minutes, then four, etc. Ever time I broke a personal record I put my fist in the air. I was always proud of myself. I still am.

So today I started walking. I could have gone faster. But I did not want to. I wanted an hour on the treadmill. To remember where I came from.

Funny thing is that every day I remember something from the past.

Today was no different. While I was walking, I looked down and saw my white Nike socks.

I remember how hard it was to put on socks before. In fact, I never wore then at the gym.

It took time to get them on my feet. I had to lean back on the bed and do a “1,2,3!” then swing back and get the tip of the sock on my foot. Then I could rub my foot on the carpet to get the rest of the sock on.

I remember rubbing my foot on the carpet to take them off.

While I was walking my back did not hurt. It has not hurt for some time.

It felt good to walk. Empowering.

So I did my 5K in a hour. 3.1 miles that I would not have dreamed of doing two years ago.

After the gym I went to Wal-mart. When I got my shopping cart, I noticed the scooters right next to them.

Maybe one day I will need one.

Not today.
Not today.

I do want to thank Roni for helping me with the 5K. I also want to thank the people who donated to Action For Healthy Kids. You can go to the website and give a donation anytime or even help in your community.

You do not realize how great walking is until that privilege is taken away.

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