I really applaud Jen’s strength and I love her blog. It’s nice of you to be so supportive of her. She is not alone of course. I lost a parent 5 years ago. I have a friend whose brother was killed in a motorcycle accident just this past Saturday night. I think every single person on this blog, in this life, has experienced loss. Why is one person’s more inspiring/emotional/important/compelling than another’s? Nothing against Jen, or anyone else for that, but I’m curious as to what this had to do with your journey?

Comment Left on The Anti-Jared 11/9/2009

I am not going to lie to you, I never understood this comment on this post. Maybe it is just me, but it seemed odd, especially with the other comments I received. It was not a mean comment, yet it was kind of questioning why I was so inspired by Jen.

What I wrote about Jen in November is the same way I feel about her today. She is a great blogger. Do you know why? Because behind the Yoplait reviews and walks with Iggy, she comes out and writes one of the best posts I have read from a weight loss blogger.

And I am proud of you! Not for being in Shape magazine……

But for making me and so many others better.

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