The other day I received an email titled “YOU SUCK TONY!” I opened it and it was a nice letter telling me how much I inspired this person. The first line was

“Did I get your attention?”

That is exactly what I have done today.

I am not a fan of Subway.

Not because of Jared, but because of what they did to me over 10 years ago.

At one time Subway carried wraps.

It was a bust for them because none of the employees could wrap them properly.

As a chunky 20 something man, I went into a Subway in Charlotte, NC and ordered one of these wraps.

I think I got the seafood one.

When the girl behind the counter could not roll it up she looked at me and said “Damn, order another F*cking thing!” I looked at her and before I could say anything she said “ What, you got a f*cking problem!”

I left angry.

I went to another Subway to get the regional managers number.I would not be spoken to that way and someone needed to know about it. They would not give it to me.

So I called Subway corporate. They did not apologize but said they would send me coupons in the mail. That is a poor way to handle a problem. That is not what I wanted. I wanted to talk to someone and ask why they would allow their employees to talk to guests like that.

The Subway in Charlotte was franchised, and they told me they would get me in contact with him.

About a week later I got a call from the area director. The first thing out of his mouth was “Are you sure she said that to you?” I started to laugh at the ridiculous statement and said “You know no problem. I will never eat Subway again.”

All of the sudden, the area director said the rudest thing I have ever heard from anyone in restaurants. He said:

“Well, you will be back. The employee told me you were a little big, so I am sure you will be back. It is like a patient telling a doctor he will not be back. When you get the urge, you will eat with us.”

I hung up.

I have eaten a lot of food. I have deep fried Ribeyes, I have eaten lasagna cold.

I can smell fries and tell you if they are from Burger King or McDonald’s. I can taste a sauce and tell you which restaurant it is from.

Yet, I have not set foot in a Subway since. I will never set foot in a Subway.

I do not like Subway. I do not like anything about them.

I do not like how they are portraying themselves as the only “healthy” restaurant. They have just as many good and bad options as every other fast food establishment. Their cold cuts have a lot of sodium and their bread is no better than Quiznos or Panera Bread.

Because raisins are a side alternative does not mean they rock. Because they paid The Biggest Loser a ton of money to promote them does not make THEM the best choice.

You can go to any restaurant and ask for extra lettuce and tomato. 99% of restaurants will make any item healthier for you.

Subway is no more special.

Plus, their sauces are all sugar. Who are they fooling!

This week I am going to start reviewing some products that have helped me along the way.

I did not lose weight by eating two subs a day.

I am glad Jared Fogle did.

Subway obviously treated him better than me. That is why I am The Anti-Jared

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