Throughout my two years of eating better, I have discovered a love for eggs.

In the past, eggs were the annoying part of a breakfast burrito.

Now, I enjoy a scrambled, hard boiled, poached or over easy egg* anytime!

*The only egg I do not enjoy is a microwave egg because, well, this is what I did at work!

With that being said, today I am going to review Eggland’s Best eggs.

I contacted them a while ago to be their spokesperson.

They said no.

I asked again.

They said no.

So although I will never be in a commercial saying “After losing 220 eggcellent pounds, I am all about Eggland’s Best…no yolk intended!” I will say they make a great egg.

When I first started my journey, I would eat eggs at work. In fact, they called me egg.

We had a “scratch” kitchen, so raw ingredients were readily available.

We used to get in 30 dozen eggs a day, and I would always boil a dozen to keep on hand. I did this because everyone started eating eggs at work.

I would only eat the egg whites at first, but then read about the vitamins the yolk had, so I would have the whole egg.

Over the last few moths, I started to research eggs. I used to think an egg is an egg, but I did realize that Eggland’s Best eggs are very good quality.

They have less calories than the standard egg (70 calories to 75 calories) and more vitamins, including Vitamin B12, D, E, A, and B2.

They also sell hard boiled eggs, which helps me out at the grocery store.

I get hungry when I go shopping, so instead of eating an unwashed apple (My wife freaked out when I did this) or beef jerky (sugar and sodium), I would eat an egg.

It was and still is the best part of my shopping experience.
Plus, there is an EB emblem on every egg.

I am curious to know how many of these eggs get broken while stamping their brand?

So check out Eggland’s Best. You can go to their website, become a fan on Facebook or follow all the eggcellent news on Twitter.

Here are a couple of egg dishes I have made for myself as well.

5 Egg whites and 2 whole eggs with a homemade salsa
Eggs with tomatoes, peppers and onions topped with a fresh avocado

I will also have a giveaway for you. I have a Eggland’s Best prize pack which includes COUPONS (FREE EGGS!!!!), a plush egg, a Pillsbury recipe book, a spatula and a good resource of information on eggs.

Leave a comment with the word egg in it by Thursday.

The one with the most creative comment will win the prize pack.

Good luck!

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