Sometimes I do not know where I fit in this crazy fitness/weight loss/health/foodie/workout blogging world.

Someone asked me what type of blogger I am.

What type, hmmmmmmmmmm?

You have your weight loss bloggers who talk about the ups and downs of weight loss.
You have your fitness bloggers who talk about the latest and greatest workout stuff. Lately, all I hear about is kettle balls.
You have your health bloggers. Why certain things are good for you.
You have your foodie bloggers who talk about cool recipes they have seen or developed.
You have your workout bloggers who talk about their workouts and new workout challenges.

So who am I?

The easy cop-out answer is to say I am all of the above.

But that would not be true.

When you came to my blog for the first time, you probably were confused.

You see a guy who was over 400 pounds and now is in a tank top with a barbell.

You see a guy who tweets about working out and puts up recipes on his Facebook page.

You see a guy who talks about his family and one who talks about work.

At the end of the day, I am a weight loss blogger. I always will be.

Weight loss is funny.

Once you think you have it, you realize you know nothing.
Once you are backed in a corner, you get all the answers.

It never gets easier, yet it really is not hard.

I have been in what weight loss people call “maintenance” for over a year now. I do not struggle as much as I used to. I do think that this is possible for the rest of my life, which I never did before.

The last year is when I learned the most about myself.

Building muscle is the most confusing thing in the world.

I love when people gain three pound in week and say that it is probably muscle. THREE POUNDS OF MUSCLE IN A WEEK!!!

Please, tell me your secret!

Is it Hip-Hop Abs*?

* The best part of my favorite new infomercial “Hip Hop Abs” is the woman who is presenting the program. Her last name is Slimko. SLIMKO. When I change my blog name, it will be Slimko!

I learned that you can eat too much chicken and vegetables.
I learned that you can drink too much water.
You can overdo too much of a good thing.

Yet, there are those days where everything falls into place.

I learned that starving yourself does not make sense.
I learned that lifting weights is a great feeling.
I learned that the same person that brings you up can put you down.

I also learned that having passion in life is wonderful. Powerful in fact.

Blogging is empowering. When I see my story written by others, it sounds like nine million other stories I have heard. A guy who lost weight for his family. Yet, when I write about it here, it makes sense. Not only does it help others, but me.

I am a weight loss blogger. No matter how many muscles I get, no matter how funny my posts are, I am the guy who has a weird relationship with food. The guy who will fight every day for his life.

I am also the weight loss blogger that will not let anything get in the way of my goals. I am not going to cry about things, I am going to prove that it can be done. For me.

So no matter who you are or how much weight you need to lose, do not tell me that you can not do it.

No matter how many people do not support you or how many late night binges you have, stop making excuses.

Because this weight loss blogger has more excuses that you ever will.

Now all my excuses are about why I will succeed.

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