I usually do not review products. I have been trying to change that a little.

Today I am going to talk a little about the Phillips Directlife Activity Monitor. I am sure more bloggers will be reviewing this as well.

It is a little device that you either wear on your neck, or in your pocket, and it monitors you activity for the day. It lights up how active you are, which is pretty cool. It tells you how many “activity calories” you burn each day based on your height and weight. The device is waterproof and has a battery life of three weeks when charged.

When you get the monitor, you also get a web page that tells you your activity for the day and a personal coach. You can buy different subscriptions for it, which is pretty comparable to Bodybugg.

My coach is ironically named Jen.

So I got this a week ago and for the first eight days it assesses you movement. They it breaks everything down for you on the website (Once you plug it into your computer).

I pushed it at the gym just like I usually do. I was ready for it to tell me I was a superstar!

When I put it in today (first day after the assessment), it said my activity could be better.

I took it and threw it against the wall.

I wrote “Jen” how much I work out, how much I sweat at the gym and this is the most ridiculous thing. In fact, my email was named “What a waste!”

Within a minute I got a response back. She explained to me that although my workouts were great (She could see the exact time of them), it shows that there is room for more activity during the day. She told me about my down times and what I could do to move a little more.

Do I park farther away so I can walk? Do I walk sometimes instead of drive?

Then it hit me. I am getting too big for my britches.

The woman I have never met in my life, although I know her all too well, is correct. When I was 420 pounds and started this journey, I did park far away. I did walk around the neighborhood. I did everything I could to move.

Now I need to realize that just because I work out for 90 minutes a day does not mean I can not move more.

Walk with my wife, play with my son more, etc.

Working out is great, but I can be more active. Some people are in great shape that have never stepped foot in the gym. They ride their bikes to the store, walk around the mall, etc. I can be more active. We all can.

I told Jen that for the next 12 weeks I will commit to a more active lifestyle. Sure, I will go to the gym, but I can make small decisions every day that will help my health.

I think that is the whole point of the “Roni/Tony 5K for Kids”. Sure, I could have done a challenge with weights or cooking, but nothing beats walking. Well, maybe running or jogging, but I remember the first time I walked 3 miles on the treadmill. It was a great feeling!

I am also giving away one of these Directlife Activity Monitors. It will come with everything you see above, and a four month subscription to the website and use of a coach. I think it is a $109 dollar value.

I will randomly choose a winner or 5/24. All you have to do is commit to doing the 5K on 5/23. I have other prizes as well coming up.

So “Jen”, get ready, it is time to get more active.

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