This shouldn’t be about the numbers of followers one has.
There are many people who put forth a lot of effort in each and every one of their posts … they just aren’t popular is all or interested in seeing people as numbers.
Or they just don’t know how to make themselves viral like JS does. He attached himself to the popular bloggers and gained a following that way. He uses people. He used you.
That isn’t to say he’s not charismatic or funny. He is indeed talented. But he’s certainly not an original.
Nothing he’s said in his posts is anything that a thousand other bloggers have said.

You guys and your attention whoring … it’s pretty sickening. If this is about numbers for you then you must have an agenda other than weight loss going on.
This must be a guy thing.

Comment Written 10/8/2009

This is going to be a post you will either love or hate. You will be on one side. There will be no grey area.

I received this comment a few months back when I was promoting Jack Sh*t’s blog.

I still think it is one of the best blogs for motivation, and I am so proud of what he has done. His creativity blows me away every day.He is one of my blogging friends, and I would and still will help him in anyway! SO what the commenter said about his blog, in my eyes, is false!

But lets talk about comments and followers

I erased who wrote this comment because that is not important, although this commenter has really never been pleasant with me although I have always been with her.

Many people feel the same way as this commenter. We are trained to. It is not proper to say we want more fans.

That is narcissistic!
That is self serving!
That is not right!

That I hear it all the time from popular bloggers who have followers and get comments who say

“It does not matter how many people read your blog!”

Yet, these same people are linking themselves to Twitter and Facebook, writing comments on blogs they do not read, doing promotions, and…..

Well, maybe I am the one jerk who does not agree.

Now, do not get me wrong. I do not write to please the masses. I blog on Saturdays even though it is a dead day for blogs. I do not blog about The Biggest Loser or the most popular workouts, like Zumba and Boot Camps. I write what is in my heart, not what will get more followers. But…..

I am so proud of building a fan base to my blog. For two years I have done so.

It was not easy.

The easy way out would have been to get my brother to write about me every day. His blog gets close to 20 million hits a year. Yet, he has only linked me twice in two years.

I want my story to be out there, and you should want the same for your story.

I do promote my blog.

I have gotten numerous warning emails from Weight Watchers, Sparkpeople, Traineo and MyFitnesspal for breaking link rules on threads.
I have gotten a mean email from the 3FatChicks site and the Yahoo clubs, well, do not even get me started.

Early in my blogging career I would write comments on blogs I did not read.


Like every blogger does not do that! Although I did write that it bothered me, it really does not. My story is not the best. There are others, It is just hard to get it out there.

We all want to be read.

Also, do not get me wrong…..
Do I care that someone has more followers than me, no.
Do I care if someone only reads me because I get a good amount of hits, no.
Do I care if people look at me as a attention whore, no.

I truly do not because I know people have felt the way I have. You can be all proper, but tell me this has not happened to you….

You write a meaningful post about your life, are so excited to see the response, and then end up with these two comments:

HI! I cant wait to reads your meaningful posts!
Acai Berry
Weight Loss

(Chinese Words)

Yesterday I was able to finally figure out how to follow people on Twitter. I would get Direct Messages from people thanking me, I was awesome, etc. Having people follow you, having comments does make you feel good. It does give you confidence. If enough people hated or ignored my blog, I probably would not do it.

And that is what I am bad about, not returning the favor. I am bad about not writing comments or following people. I am getting better, but I still have my faults!

But I am happy that I am popular enough to write this. To hit a good amount of people to say that I am so thankful that I have 781 (It will go down after this post because it always does) Google Readers. I am happy that I have 895 Facebook Fans and that I have 751 Twitter followers.

Does that make me narcissistic? Maybe.

But helping people now with my words is better than the 420 pound person with no self-esteem who could not even help himself. I am glad I am my biggest fan, you should be the same way!

Also, my blog does get traffic.

Use it in the comments to promote your blog. And if you are not on my blogroll, let me know, it is time for another add on.

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