You are very annoying with your positive sh*t! Like you do not have bad days……….

For most of my life all I had were bad days.

My wife would say something to me that would make me mad all day.
Something at work would really irritate me.
I would read something that would throw me off.

Every time something happened my day was ruined.

And I ate.

I am a food addict.

I have said it before and I will say it again. It does not go away because I have Facebook followers. It does not get easier because I inspire people.

I have a weird relationship with food and I always will.

I used to justify my weight and eating habits all the time.

If my wife would not say something rude I would not eat so much.
If I would have a better job I would lose weight.
It would be so much easier if I was on a ranch losing weight under Jillian.

The funny thing about weight loss is that so many people make it sound easy. Yeah, the formula of eat less and move more is easy. They make so many pre-portioned meals and plans that make it sound brainless. It is never easy.

The beauty of a bad day is that there is always tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day where everything is going to change.

Where McDonald’s is going to make the healthiest burger and Ben and Jerry’s is going to make zero calorie pints.
Where my health dreams will be met and life will get better.

In 2008 my doctor told me something that I should have known. That so many people in my life
told me.

“Tony, there might not be a tomorrow for you.”

How scary is that. There might not be a tomorrow? There might not be a chance for a better day.

I could have ignored it. I could have just lived my life the exact same way.

And then what?

The worst part was if I was 400 pounds and died, people would have expected it.

“Well, he was big. He was unhealthy.”

You all know that I changed the way I ate.
You all know that I work out a lot.
You all know that I named my blog The Anti-Jared and by doing that set up huge expectations to be like a weight loss hero.

What you might not know is that my life is very similar to the one I had two years ago.
My wife ( whom I love dearly) still says things that get under my skin. I am positive I do the same.
I still work in restaurants. I still wash dishes and get yelled at by guests because their fajita did not have the sizzle they desired.

The difference is in me.

I refuse do not have bad days.

I refuse to justify eating the way I used to. I refuse to be someone who was a face in the crowd. I refuse to say I can not so this. I refuse to not have a tomorrow.

I can not change the menu at KFC.
I can not change what the diet pills companies sell.
I can not change certain things.

However, I can change the way I think.
I can change what goes in my mouth.
I can change the way I look at things.
I can change the way I feel.

I can decide every single day if it is going to be a good one.

I make sure that every day is the best one ever. I will not have a bad day.

So yes, I can be very annoying. I am quite aware. It is annoying to read about someone working out on Saturday morning. It is annoying to read about a guy who blah blah blahs about his family and wife.

The beauty of it is, I work real hard so that I will be around to be annoying tomorrow.

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