Today’s post has been one of my favorites because of the comments. I am so glad I took the anonymous feature off because it is so good to hear from people who not only read my blog, but I read their blogs as well.

I knew my post would cause a discussion and I am so glad it did.

Most of my posts do.

I never think that everyone will agree with my posts.I write them from a certain perspective.

I would not expect you to.

The Biggest Loser is one of the most popular television shows right now.
Erik’s appearance and story inspired viewers.
I knew some would love the post, some would disagree, and some would be in the middle.

It started with me in 1990. I lost 50 pounds. I did it by eating 700 calories a day, no exercise. At the time, it was hard because so little food has nutritional information. I did it in three months at the tender age of 14.

Reason- The most popular kid in school Tommy S. called me fat.

In 1994 I lost 70 pounds. I was in college at the time. I still had some to lose, but was impressed with the amount I lost

Reason- I wanted to impress a girl

In 2000 I lost 80 pounds. I was working in restaurants and walked a little as well.

Reason- I met my wife

In 2008 I lost 221 pounds.

Reason- For me, inspired by family

I have never been a “skinny kid”. I was never an “athlete”. I was fat. Always! And when I was kind of skinny, in my mind I was fat.

I have been overweight my whole life and dieted for twenty years. I am no rookie.

I am supposed to fail this time. I have failed every other time in my life. And guess what?

You would not be mad at me. You would understand. You are supposed to understand. If I wrote a post about failing, I guarantee I would get a ton of comments supporting me.

Tony wrote to me he did not know where he would be in 10 years with weight loss. I know where I HAVE TO BE. I can not keep on failing. I can not do that to myself anymore.

So keep the honest feedback coming. I love it! I am glad there are Erik supports. Trust me, I am one.

I will say one thing though. I read someone say it takes courage to say they have gained weight.

For twenty years I felt that way. Now, it takes courage to change.

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