First off thank you all for participating in the little contest. There were so many great songs!

It was a little tough to pick a winner, but one stood out in my eyes.

The winner is…….

*Lissa* (AKA Melissa)

Who gets motivated to “Islands in the Stream”? Really? Really?

That is a song that you hear on the radio and say…”Is that Kenny Rogers?”

Melissa also works out very hard and is a good person. I would have never guessed that Dolly Parton would motivate her.

Well…I did see this tweet from her…

@LissaJoy So I’m thinking a Miller Lite will totally make my huge laundry task more worthwhile and fun.

Congratulations to you. An email will be coming your way. And I hoped you all liked the little contest, I am going to have more of these soon!

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