So here is the calorie results.

1 Apple and Eve 100% Organic Apple Juice- 90 Calories
1 Bag of Whales (Wal-Mart version of Goldfish)- 200 Calories
1 6.4 oz. Starfish Tuna Pack- 180 Calories
14.5 oz can of Del Monte Carrots- 122.5
5 Large Brown Eggs- 350 Calories
8oz orange- 106 Calories
14 oz Eggplant- 103 calories

Total Calories- 1151.5 Calories

The winner is 100 pound loser Rachel from Body By Pizza. She was only off by 1.5 calories and I will be sending her a $50 iTunes card via email sometime today.

The best part of Rachel winning is how she asked me in her comment “Why was this so fun?”

Well Rachel, for me it is fun because I do this every day.

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