You might be asking why would I make a challenge on a Tuesday.

Everyone hates Tuesdays.

The weekends are great! Everyone has fun, hangs out with their family, picnics, etc.

Mondays are a hit or miss day. you wither have people who say “Blah, Monday!” or you have those “Monday is the beginning of a new week!”

Wednesday is hump day. You have already had most of your week. You are not looking back, but looking forward.

Thursday is so close to Friday.

Of course, Friday is awesome! Didn’t someone say once “Thank God It’s Friday!”

Tuesdays just sit there. No one really likes them because they are so far from Friday, yet so close to Monday.

Yet Tuesday is the best day of the week for me.

I do not go to work on Tuesday. I spend time with my son all day.

My wife goes to the office on Tuesday so I get to see my son grow. I get to play with him, read to him, feed him, change him, and hear him yell things like “AAAAAAAAHAHAHAH….aru!”

I also get to do things around the house, blog,cook, and catch up on Tuesday.

In fact, I almost always blog on Tuesday.

I also have the best workout on Tuesday. I wake up early and push myself. The gym is never busy on Tuesday which is good for me.

So I made the workout challenge on the most special day of the week. The day that is most dear to me.

Because if I did not lose the weight or change my life, there would no be a Tuesday.

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