First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for participating in this challenge.

I have never been a big fan of challenges, but I liked this one. It was not a six week thing, just one day to get out of your comfort zone a little and do something you maybe have not done in some time (Or ever!)

I got so many emails from people telling me how they “never went so long on a machine”. Sometimes that is exactly what you need to believe in yourself. It is amazing what 60 minutes can do.

Now, I decided to be very random for the POLAR winners. Once again, thank you all for running, ellipticaling, pole dancing, or whatever you did for an hour on a Tuesday!

Winners of the POLAR FT4 are…..

Vinny who said

“I just started my weight loss journey in Feb and so far it has been a tough road, but this site inspires me to keep going. I pledge my 60 mins on the 20th. I will do 50 mins on the treadmill and for the first time I will try 10 mins on the elyptical!”

Jules from who said

“Okay, you convinced me!
25 min Cardioke & 10 min Yoga Stretches in the AM

10 min Stairs & Walk on Lunch

15 min Wii Fit games with daughter after dinner

I will be sending both an email on how to get your POLAR heart rate monitors. Once again, thank you POLAR, you are one great company!

Also, I want your feedback. Did you like this contest/challenge? The reason I am asking is I have a cool idea for next month as well.

One more thing! I got a few emails asking me if I won or if Jen won?

But I had done it. I had done 99 minutes on the StairMaster. Not for Tony (although he started the challenge). Not for you, although sharing pictures is fun. I did it for me. To prove I could still do it. Why? I don’t know, I’m crazy like that.”

-Jen( A Priorfatgirl)

Jen won!

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