I was just asked the best question. One that is so true….


What is support? You always talk about the support your wife gives you, etc…And I’m not sure what support even is? If a friend is needing support during her weight loss journey, what do I give her? Words of wisdom? Your blog? Someone to walk with?

I suppose that support is different for everyone, and everyone has different needs. But when you say your wife supports you, what does that mean?

You truly do inspire.

I do talk about how my wife supports me but it might be a little different than you think.

My wife has never gone to the gym with me. She has cooked twice for me. She is not on Twitter, does not know who 95% of the bloggers are, nor does she have a Blogger account.


My wife never gives me a hard time about working out. She has never given me a guilt trip about going to the gym nor has she ever told me to skip a workout. She knows how important it is to me physically and mentally. There have been times when I could see she wanted me to skip the workout, but she would never tell me that.

My wife does not mind me spending an hour or so blogging. She does not tell me I spend to much time on the computer or I have other things to do. She knows I respond to a lot of emails and i try to keep up with Facebook, etc. She knows it is important to me and to people who follow me.

My wife does not question the way I eat. She does not tell me “just eat this one time” or “that is weird”. She knows I am a order different at restaurants, but she finds it funny now, not embarrassing.

My wife looks out for my best interest. I talk to her about “The Anti-Jared” and where it should go. My wife is a very savvy business woman. I make decisions based on passion, which is not always a good thing. She helps me make the right choices.

My wife looks over every comment I get on my blog. She lets me know which ones I should respond to.

My wife has seen the bad. The Tony that sat on the couch and did nothing. The Tony that almost ate himself to death. She does not want that Tony to come back, so she will do whatever she can to support the new Tony.

And I will do whatever to make her life better.

You know, with so much hype on Ben Roethlisberger, Jesse James, Tiger and those STUPID Miller Lite ads making guys look like shitheads, I work hard to prove to my wife that I can be a great husband. I will wake up early to take care of my son, or stay up late to cook for her. It is a two way street, one I love to drive on.

You are right,support is different for everyone. I have never been a “You can do it” kind of person. maybe I make a blog post towards someone who is struggling. maybe I send an email out of the blue to someone who needs it the most. Maybe I tell a friend that we need to get 500 people to workout on April 20th because I know we can do it. Maybe I know that we can find 500 people to do the “Priorfatgirl/Antijared Workout Pledge”. because maybe the support is not for one person, but maybe for so many more.

I do not know if i answered your question….

But I do know I love my wife a whole lot.

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