AT2SM Day 2
StairMaster- 47 minutes
Total Cardio Workout- 122 minutes
Total Workout- 122 minutes
POLAR total calories burned- 1508
It was not supposed to happen today…..
I woke up around 6:45am. I got in late from work so after feeding the baby, I went back to bed for a little bit.
Around 7:45am I started to get up. I really did not feel like working out today. In fact, I was about to cancel going to the gym when my wife said “Why don’t you skip going to the gym?”
Funny thing is that it always sounds like a good idea when you hear it in your head, but never when it comes out of someone else’s mouth.
I was not going to skip the gym. I got dressed and headed out.
I started the workout on the treadmill. I went for a quick 5 minute jog to get my heart rate up. lately I have been digging the treadmill before my workout.
My 5 minute jog turned into a ten minute jog.
Then I went on the StairMaster. About the second minute, one of the Hot Twins* came up to me and asked “How much longer do you have on the machine?”
*The Hot Twins are two women who are in their thirties who are always on the StairMaster. They both have the exact same tattoo, the same hairstyle, the same pink spandex, and the same Nike shoes.
I spend around $75 a month on my gym. I spend the extra money because there is never an issue with being on a machine. I was annoyed, so I told her I was done and went to the Arc Trainer.
While on the Arc Trainer I was listening to Pandora on my iPhone. My wife was also texting me. So every time I would respond to a text, I would have no music. It was frustrating, but I do enjoy talking to my wife.
So without a lot of music, I went 65 minutes on the Arc Trainer.
Then, when I was about to leave, I saw that the StairMaster was open. I jumped on it for 45 minutes and finished my workout.
When I left, I was a big ball of sweat. Two hours of cardio is a lot!
What started out as a day where I did not want to workout turned into one of the best cardio workouts I have ever had.
You know, I never played a sport. I was never in shape. I never had a “great body” nor did I ever love going to the gym.
So for everyone who thinks that working out is impossible……
Two years ago, I went 48 seconds on a treadmill.
That was my workout, 48 seconds.

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