At the gym, I have been listening to a lot of Eminem.


Dear Tony,

I just found your blog and all I can say is wow! My name is Stan and I am a huge fan! We are very similar. I am 5 foot 8 and 453 pounds. I saw what you wrote about trigger foods and I am the same way. I have a son also and a wife that loves me a great deal!
I just started reading your blog and I can not stop. I do see you are busy, so if at all possible, can you shoot me an email. I have a lot of questions about your weight loss and working out.

Your Biggest Fan


Hey Tony,

I emailed you about four months ago and you have not responded. That is cool, I know you are busy. I would love to hear from you though about fiber. Just to let you know, I joined Weight Watchers and it is working well. I have lost 95 pounds so far. I read that you lost 75 pounds in four months so I am actually doing better (LOL). I started to walk, I even did your workout pledge a few months ago. I did not win the POLAR heart rate monitor, but oh well.
Once Again, I would love to hear from you about fiber and working out still. I am confused why you have not sent me an email. You have written so many times that you respond to all emails, yet you have not responded to mine. Have I offended you? I hope not, because I think the world of you.

Your Biggest Fan



It has been 10 months since I wrote you. Since that time, I have lost 201 pounds. That is right, I am a 200 pound loser! I am not so much on Weight Watchers but eating cleaner. I am like you, eating fruits, vegetables and lean meats. I am working out pretty good, but sometimes not sure if I am doing the right thing.
I also started a blog. How come you have never commented on it. I comment on your blog all the time. I support you, yet I do not feel the same way from you. I have heard from Mizfit, Roni and so many other bloggers about my 200 pound loss. You have not send me one email. Not one. How busy could you be. I just have a couple simple questions. How crappy could you be?

Anyway, do you think you could answer one question about maintenance. I am so close to it.

A Fan



I have lost over 240 pounds and kept it off. You did not give me any advice or email support.

Just your blog to read.

Remember when you wrote that Dr. Oz did not pick you for his show. Well, I have been on twice. Remember when you were not sure about writing a book, well, I have written two so far. You probably have them because they are selling well.
Remember when I asked you to help me with my blog. Well, now I am going to be a speaker at Fitbloggin 11.

I can not understand why you never wrote me when I needed you. When it was getting tough, when I had so many questions. You never commented on my blog. I ALWAYS commented on yours.
Now look, I am an inspiration. I get a lot of emails and I send each one a reply. I answer a ton of questions. You have no respect Jared!

Former Fan


Dear Former Fan,

It is amazing what you can do on your own. You never needed me.


Tony (Your Biggest Fan)

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