So here is how the story goes….

My friend Merrill gave me a cool suggestion on Facebook.

She told me that a heart rate monitor would be good for my workouts and would be an eye opener for how many calories I burn every day.

The truth is, during maintenance, I have no idea how many calories I burned. At the gym, the Arc Trainer always said I burned 1400 calories, but i was not sure that was accurate. I wanted to make sure I was eating enough (I am still trying to gain muscle.)

So I researched heart rate monitors *

Actually, I posted “Does anyone know a good heart rate monitor” on Facebook. BTW, did I tell you I like Facebook?

I got a lot of suggestions. Someone said to get a Bodybugg, but then someone else said not to. Then someone told me to get a Garmin. Then someone told me to get a Timex.

The next day I went to Sports Authority and they suggested a Polar FT7. It was ON SALE for $99.99 (I like sales!)

This was a few weeks ago.

I have fallen in love with it!

I love it. I love to see how many calories I burn each day.

When I wear it at the gym, it pushes me harder. I look at my watch and see that my heart rate is not high enough. So I give myself a little “ummmph!”

Believe it or not, my workouts have been better.

Now, I wear this all day long. Some wear it for workouts, but I want to see just how many calories I burn. Plus it is funny when people say “Why are you wearing a heart rate monitor?”

Usually on a non-workout day (very rare) I burn around 2900 calories. On days where I do not work out, but go to work, I burn around 3600 calories. On workout days and work, I burn around 4500 calories.

I have been keeping my calories around 2600 calories a day no matter which day.

Now, I eat differently each day. It kind of make sense to me. When I work out in the morning, I burn more calories all day.

I see the point of eating six small meals, because my body usually burns 120 calories an hour and I need fuel.

In fact……

When I sweep the floor- 46 calories
When I blog- 64 calories
When I read Jack Sh*t’s blog– 11 calories
When I make a meal (sponsored by 49 calories
When I dance with my son to the Ellen show (which he loves)- 74 calories

The possibilities are endless!

Anyway, I wrote to POLAR to tell them I love their product. The FT7 is real durable, water resistant, and never misses a beat (HA!). I was really happy with this and I paid less than $100.

I might have also mentioned that I lost over 200 pounds. Sometimes that gets attention.

Plus, it makes me appreciate the food I put in my body.

I look at a Snickers bar now and say “It will take my body two hours to burn that…hmmmmm.”

They wrote back and asked if I would like to try the FT60.

Would I!!!

So not only will I be eating cauliflower, apples and wearing a hoodie, but I will also be wearing a heart rate monitor. I will also let you know how the FT60 is, but if it is anything like the FT7, I will be thrilled!!

So there are a ton of heart rate monitors out there. I do recommend getting one. I am not sure which is the best…..

I can honestly say that POLAR makes a damn good one. I am excited to see where it takes me.

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