On Tuesday, April 20th, I am asking as many people as possible to do a 60 minute workout.

Anything. Running, Treadmill, Swimming, Cleaning, etc….

Being active has changed my life. Two years ago I was written up by my boss because I sat down too much. I did not have the energy to walk my dog. I did not have the energy to hug my wife.

My life is different now. When I started at 420 pounds i went 48 seconds on a treadmill. Then 10 minutes on an elliptical. Then 30 minutes on weight training. then 99 minutes on a StairMaster.

So I am asking people to get out of their comfort zone. To do something they have maybe not done.

I challenged Jen for both of us to get as many people to sign up. We both pledged $250 to the YMCA Activate America program if we can get 500 people. It is a great cause and I think more people should get involved with it.

So far Jen has 200 people. I have 40……

This is a team effort and I am bringing the team down. I know I can get more people!

This is my official sign up post.

Well, I am giving away two POLAR FT7 Heart Rate Monitors. (Thank you Chris and the fine people at POLAR!)The same one that I use.

All you have to do is commit on this post that you are willing to do 60 minutes of exercise on 4/20/2010 and what exercise you are doing. Then two people will be picked at random on 4/21/10.

Your odds are good! The most comments I have ever received was 79 and that was when I had my son.

Not only that, but you win either way by working out.

Good Luck!

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