Today is the day………
Today is the day I will wake up at 4:30am. The gym opens at 5am, but I want to do a few things around the house. There is no reason for me to be up this early, yet I will be up.
Today is the day that I will work out. While working out I will look at the floor and only watch small beads of sweat fall on the floor.
Drip, drip, drip….
I will not question how hard I am working out. There is no need to, I see my results.

While FDR, Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou and John Kennedy have so many inspirational quotes, today is the day that Lil’ Wayne speaks to me. When he tells me that he has ice in his veins and love in his mind, that is the same way I feel.

Today is the day that I will not get on the scale. I will not get down to my underwear, do ten jumping jacks, weigh myself three times and pick the best weight to tell people. There is no need, I am not a supermodel, boxer, jockey or wrestler. Today I will look in the mirror, think of my decisions and feel confident.

Today is the day I will watch what I eat. I will make sure that the food that goes in me has a purpose.

Today is the day that I will gain followers. People will “find my blog” and tell me about their journey. They will ask me questions. They will see the beauty that my wife sees and someone who changed his life.

Today is the day that I will lose followers. They will find my blog egotistical and arrogant. They will take my confidence and twist it to a “you can only lose weight my way” attitude. They will take my love for myself and take it as a hatred for others. There is no reason to challenge those people, I will never change the way they feel.

Today is the day that my boss will offer me candy from the “WALL OF CANDY” we have in our office. He will not know that I have had all that candy in the past. He will make a comment like “Why can’t you have it, you work out, this bag of M and M’s only has like 260 calories. You burn that in a minute.” Today I will not explain to him that I know I can have it, but there is a big difference in can’t and want. I will smile like I usually do and change the subject.

Today I will not sit down. I will not sit down because in my back pocket I have the world’s oyster, the whole enchilada and the big picture. There is no need to sit anyway, I have so much to accomplish.

Later tonight, I will be wearing K-Mart pants and a $6 polo I bought at Wal-Mart. I will be explaining to a dishwasher the importance of scraping mashed potatoes off of a plate before putting it through the dish machine. He will not understand at first, so I will show him what I am looking for.
The dishwasher will never have any idea that I have had three doctors write me about my weight loss. he will not know that I have had many people write about my weight loss.
He will not know that contestants from The Biggest Loser have written to me about my weight loss. He will not know that I get over 50 emails a week asking me questions.
The truth is he does not need to know. I will inspire him by working side by side with him, just like I do with everyone at work Just like I have since I have been in management. Just like I always will.

I am sure that today is going to be a great day. Better yet, I will tell you that today will be the best day of my life!

Well, that is until tomorrow.

Welcome to Day 1.

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