So last week my wife and I were sitting in the living room. We just put our son to bed and we were both on the computer. All of the sudden I said:

“What should I write about? I want you to pick a topic.”

She thought about it and said:

“What goes through your mind when you get me food you used to eat? I think people would love to hear about that.”

Yes, my wife eats like most people.

She eats Chipolte (her favorite) and apple pie. She eats Girl Scout Cookies (We have had those boxes in our house since December!) and she will dabble in a McNugget here and there.

I do not impose my eating habits on anyone else. I think that can be very unhealthy. I do not want to be the guy who rolls his eyes when someone eats pizza. Truthfully, it is none of my business.

My wife also knows how to limit her portions. This is evident with the statement I made earlier where we have had the same boxes of Girl Scout cookies for four months. She eats very well 90% of the time, but once in a while she wants a little treat. I know for me there is no such thing as a little treat.

So after the gym today my wife asked me if I would pick up Chipolte for her.

I never have a problem doing that.

When I got there, the line was huge! So I finally had some time to think……

– I really love watching The Office. That is an incredibly funny show! Undercover Boss would be great if every episode was not exactly the same.

-My son love The Ellen Show. I mean he will stop crying out of no where and dance when she dances. I watch it every day. I do not think I would watch it if my son was not as big of a fan.

-I am real excited and nervous about the RoniTony 5K for Kids. On one hand, it is real exciting. I am thrilled to have Roni helping and supporting me. I think it is a great cause as well since I was an obese child. On the other hand, I am nervous. I really want it to go well. I have already contacted sponsors who seem excited. Wow, Roni is amazing for putting Fitbloggin together!!!

-I do not want to write a book. There are too many books out there. But what do I want to do? I can not believe how many people I inspire. I get a few emails every day. It is amazing and a great feeling. One thing that losing weight has given me is a voice. One that people listen to. One that helps so many. Maybe I should write a book?

-I really should upgrade my website. I have links that do not work on there. I wish I was better with Websites!

-I have not seen one episode of American Idol this year. NOT ONE! That is a first.

– I owe Lisa Johnson an apology. She was pretty dead on with this post.

That is what I truly thought about today in line.

In fact, I never think about the food I get for my wife.

I have spent the first 30 years of my life blaming food companies and others for my weight gain. I looked for as many excuses as possible.

I will spend the next 60 years knowing I am 110% accountable for my actions.

I know what I want in life. I am happy with the results by passing on certain items. I do no feel deprived, but I feel stronger. Helping someone with my story means more that ten minutes of food satisfaction.

So Rebecca, to answer your question, when I get food for you, I think about other things, but I also think about you and how happy I am to be with you.

Plus…..while you are eating your Chipolte, I will enjoy my DELICIOUS ground chicken taco meat!

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