When I first started this journey I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to be skinny. I was so tired of being fat. It really never bothered me what people said as much as how I felt. I was sick of being fat. I hate the word fat because it is so subjective. The more I thought about it though, at 420 pounds it was safe to say I was fat.

This is where it gets tricky. During my weight loss, I had a goal of being under 200 pounds, or onederland as most weight loss peeps call it. It is the mecca of losing weight. My doctor told me that I should stick to a goal of being around 215 pounds, because I worked out and I had loose skin.
I always looked at the scale and looked at BMI’s. I worked hard every week to get under 200 pounds. I did not care what my doctor said.
This picture above is where I was 198.8 pounds.
This was a scary place to be. I remember loving the attention of getting under 200 pounds after being over 400 pounds. But where does it end. In order to work for Weight Watchers, I would have to be 165 pounds. I already felt skinny, in fact, way too skinny. It did not matter what others said, I felt light.
Most people are never happy with where they are. They lose weight, and then want to lose more, and then more. Maintenance is not even a factor because they are finding new ways to lose weight. I did not want to be like that.
So I decided to do something a little different. I was not going to go crazy and try to lose more weight.
I decided to gain muscle.
I have been working out for a while now, and I have tried so many different workouts. High intensity, low intensity, cardio, no cardio, etc.
I have kept my food consistent which is the key. That is why I laugh at all of the infomercials that promise you will get in shape in 90 days. Why the rush? I have a lifetime to do it.
I am very happy with where I am going. I like the way my body is changing.
I realized that I want to keep working out and gain muscle. Not go crazy with it, but slowly do it.
So today was the challenge. You know, 99 minutes on the StairMaster. The day that you “promised” to go out of your comfort zone and work out.
Well, last year I went up 300 floors, this year I went up 328 floors, and two years ago I could not climb up three floors. I took a picture of it and you can kind of see my POLAR Ft60 watch (Oh yeah, there is a giveaway. Winners announced tomorrow!)

Something funny happened today though. When I was walking around the gym, a guy came up to me and said “Hey man, you are getting big!”
It was nice to know that it was a compliment.
How did you do today?

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